Disoriented Trump wanders off G-20 stage saying "Get me out of here" on hot mic


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Could he please just wander away from this country?


Incidents like this make me think it would be nice really if a reputable and truly independent physician asked him to re-take that test where he had to draw a clock face and identify different animals.


Such a child he is.


“4 minutes to Wapner…”

Except Donny’s light years from the mental acuity of Rain Man.


Sometimes I think that Trump is completely disconnected from reality and just repeats the words and actions of his handlers. Kind of like the drugged up fuhrer in the old Star Trek episode.


Hmm since when is Peter Capaldi president of Argentina?


I’m no doctor, but this episode seems like the stuff that happens regularly to elderly folk who are senile.

Roger that.


Perhaps El Trumpo is preoccupied by other things:


Remember when we used to just get embarrassed on the International stage by simple stuff, like this?


What galls me is that there are a lot of people who look at this asshole and are proud. They think he’s doing a great job, and it makes. no. sense.


/dubious face


I’m not one to give armchair diagnoses from afar either, but I’ve spent the last several years watching an elderly family member descend into dementia. This behaviour looks very familiar to me from the early years.



Word; I’m also speaking from personal experience.


They’re avid consumers of propaganda. Trump’s twitter feed being the prime conduit. I read a fair number of his tweets and they paint a picture of an alternate reality where Trump is just tremendous, the best. It may look absurd to you and me, but it’s convincing enough for supporters, especially in light of all the other crap they swallow.

Like Fox News. I don’t read or watch it, but I see enough of their headlines to know that this, too, exists in an alternate reality.

And then there’s the really hardcore cultish stuff, Breitbart, r/the_donald, r/conspiracy, 4chan…

If you’ve ever wondered how some of history’s most odious figures won the hearts of millions of devoted followers (some of them still devoted decades after their atrocities were exposed and universally acknowledged), wonder no more. They build cults, and that’s what 45 is doing, tweet by tweet, rally by rally.


I think this is a clear case of “Roger That Right Now!”


Easily conned suckers who want to be swindled, in other words.