Incoherent Trump slurs and resorts to sound effects as confusion continues (video)

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It looks like the tables have turned on Trump, who has long been trying to paint President Biden as a man experiencing mental decline, and whose trending hashtag #DementiaDon sounds like a name he himself would bestow on one of his opponents.

Getting into a political fight about who’s candidate has armchair-diagnosed dementia feels like we’re all losing.


Since 2016.

These are old tables.


Or it’s justifiable tit for tat.

If Trump and the corporate media have succeeded in making most USians think that Biden’s mental faculties are declining, it seems fair enough to push back by repeatedly pointing out that the candidate who’s really lacking upstairs is Tromp.


That’s something I’ve noticed… rarely do people get upset about the right wing media’s bullshit “Biden is mentally incompetent” narrative. And they really don’t call out the fact that the right wing is pushing both the “Biden incompetent narrative” at the very same time that they’re pushing the “Biden crime family” narrative… cause it can’t be both, right?

But someone dares to point out weirdness coming out of Trump’s mouth, and all of a sudden, there are calls for civility…


We all know the tshirt…

“Fuck your feelings” it seems they left the second part off, “, but please be nice to mine”


Trump is provably a criminal, with a provably criminal family, and apparently a rapidly declining mental capability, but it’s unfair to say so.

I could do without the name-calling along with it, though. There’s millions of dementia sufferers out there who aren’t assholes.


What does High Consul Duarte have to say about this?

My opinion is that he’s cracking under pressure, on top of whatever else is wrong with him; be it old age, bad health, potential issues from having had Covid/STIs, and/or suspected drug abuse.


Oh no, it’s all stacking up…



Sounds like a 6 year old recounting an episode of Star Wars - Clone Wars.


Yep. Big pressure. People are talking about the pressure. Pressure like no one’s ever seen before.

Well, Turmp never has, in his entire privileged life.


Imagine if you will, an animal that has been so coddled, so overprotected for the whole entirety of its existence, that when finally exposed to multiple layers of adversity and strife, to extreme pressure how utterly unprepared and vulnerable that creature would be…


I have noticed that as one reaches older age, their quirks begin to dominate their personality. I just see Trump’s lifetime quirk of being a showboating narcissistic bully has now advanced to a ridiculous level.


The ability of MAGA to justify anything is amazing. I remember that Obama once said 57 states and the same people that ignore all the stupid things Trump says jumped all over it claiming Obama didn’t know how many states there were or that it was some Muslim code or some shit. Did Barack Obama Say He Had Visited 57 (Islamic) States? |


Is “I know you are but what am I” really pushback?

I think it’s a gross tactic for the Republicans to use, which doesn’t make it any less gross when Democrats do it. Republicans love dragging everyone down so they can say “see we’re the same” or “good people on both sides” because it confuses the small number of “centrists” that for some reason get to decide the election.

So what’s the goal? media succeeds in convincing americans that both candidates have dementia? mission accomplished I guess?

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Your concern about propriety and decorum takes a far backseat to the real existential threat facing everyone who isn’t rich, White, straight, male and claiming to be Xtian.

“Gross” or not, immature or not; this fight against encroaching fascism isn’t going to be won by pretending that anything is normal or standard anymore.

They can call TFG whatever childish names they like, as long he never again becomes POTUS.


Yeah, because Republicans are primarily using examples of Biden’s stutter to claim that he is unfit. It’s bullshit and despicable.

Except that with Trump, we have someone who couldn’t read daily reports, needed them shorter and with more pictures, and has many, many examples of being confused about who he’s talking about, where he is, and what is going on.

Right, it’s called projection. And pushing back on that is necessary.

What’s the alternative? Lay down and die? Let the Republicans control the narrative? FFS.


Yet that cerebral artery still won’t blow out.