Trump seems to think Barack Obama is still President

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I thought Trump thinks that Trump is still president?


I think we’re all aware that Biden is old at this point, but unlike TFG, I am unaware of him showing any signs of dementia or cognitive decline. (Please note that the term “senile” really has no medical meaning anymore.)


Yup. Biden fumbles over words sometimes, but he’s always done that; it’s a result of his stutter.


If this were true, I don’t think it would be as helpful to Trump’s reelection as they seem to think. Obama remains very popular, especially with the group of Democratic voters who like to whine about Biden’s age. If Obama were running for President against Trump, Obama would win in a landslide.

Senile? Really? Citation needed. And “relatively better”? WTF does that mean? He’s been absolutely better than Trump. He is absolutely better than Trump. He’s better cognitively, physically, and in his humanity. And in his performance as President. I’m so sick of this shit. It really is 2016 all over again. Fuck.

ETA: I expect this kind of editorial ridiculous framing of Biden from the NY Times. Not here.


Biden got the 2 trillion dollar American Rescue plan passed, the Chips ACT, a trillion dollar bi-partisan infrastructure bill passed, the first gun control legislation in f*cking forever, and has stood up to Russian aggression in Eastern Europe. All that while not being an adjudicated rapist, slanderer, serial sex pest and financial fraud, or a threat to national security.

I wasn’t happy with him as a candidate, but I think he’s doing a great job as president. Let’s maybe not carry water for the fascists with the whole ‘he’s too old and senile” talking point, hmm?


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He might be pandering to the racists that are triggered by the idea of a black president. They are so scared of Obama that implying that he is secretly pulling the strings will get them riled up. But I’m thinking that he IS that cognitively impaired. As bad as he is now, imagine what another four years would do to his mental capabilities. .

Edited to add: Because when you ask the question: “Is Trump really that dumb?” The answer is usually: “Yes.”


It’s okay to be disappointed with our choices so long as we realize that we DO have a choice and it is a critical one and frankly not even close.


Et tu, boing boing?
This is so not a “both sides” situation.


Sure, in which case I’d say “I would prefer a candidate whose ideology aligns more closely with my own,” rather than presenting Biden and Trump as different ends of the same stick of margarine.


All these years later, still bitterly deranged over the Black man making him the butt of a joke at the White House correspondent’s dinner. Sad!


Piling on, but “Joe Biden is senile” comments, even if intended as a joke, are NOT HELPING right now.


“If only we didn’t have to choose between him and another, relatively better senile old man. Such is the way of American election season.”

Barring evidence to support that assertion- your ageism is showing.

Other people ran against Biden or could have- he won. Or at least is winning. That’s how democracy works. Regardless of your desire to disallow others votes.


I, for one, welcome the continuation of the governance of our senile overlord. I will happily help him find the remote, get bitten by his dog, and get off his lawn, as long as he beats the orange rapist menace.


The “Biden too old” people are worried if he’ll make it to 2028, when they should be worried if Trump will make it to November.


We should all hope that Trump won’t make it to November.


Be better, bOING.
I expect more insight from y’all than this.


Sure if we are genuinely disappointed it is fine to be disappointed, as long as we do what it takes to make sure we get “eh, I didn’t feel like hamburger tonight, I wanted steak, but I’ll eat the hamburger” as opposed to “eh, I didn’t feel like hamburger tonight, I wanted steak, so to protest not having steak I think I’ll eat this pile of rancid shit mixed with ground glass”.

On the other hand if we aren’t actually disappointed, or very mildly so, why acknowledge the republican talking point of “Biden is old” if what one actually feels is “Eh, I would prefer younger but he sure does have a spring in his step, absolutely know where he is, who is president, and doesn’t seem confused all the time” when you really can’t make the same statements about the other guy.

Why give them any fuel you don’t need to?

Republican’s want to portray Biden as old and senile so when it is pointed out Trump is old and doesn’t know who is president they can hop up and down and say “we said it about your guy first! don’t deflect! every accusation is an admission!”. So if we have no particular reason to buy any of their crap we shouldn’t. Push back now, don’t let them lay the ground work.

(now if you genuinely think Biden is too old, sure I’m not asking you to gloss over it and pretend he isn’t older then you want. If you would be so kind as to point out that Trump is older and clearly not in possession of all his mables when you express that you would prefer a younger Biden because if we get unlucky he could end up with as loose a grasp on realist as Trump already has, sure)


Oh, there’s no doubt about that. Racism is a major part of his platform. It played very well with his base when he won before. The only way it works when talking about the current POTUS is by raising fears that he’s too old to survive a second term. The idea of a Black woman in the White House scares his base even more. IMO, that’s why the reports about Biden’s age will continue until the election.