Watch Biden's grinning response to whether he'd be up for a rematch against Trump

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I hope the Trump runs as an independent to show those RINOs what a real leader can do* once the gloves are off.

*Split the (R) vote.


I could stand watching Biden tell tRump the ass hat clown to “shut up” again. Twas a tasty morsel.


Ted Cruz has been whining to anyone who will listen that it’s his turn, which is both pathetic and hilarious.


Not me. Whatever satisfaction we might get from contemplating Trump suffering another humiliating electoral defeat, it’s not worth either 1. The real possibility that he could actually win or 2. The absolute certainty that, no matter how large the loss, a huge number of Trump supporters would once again believe that the election was stolen and attempt to subvert the election results again, probably violently.

Biden isn’t the worst candidate and may or may not be able to beat Trump again, but a “rematch” is definitely nothing to look forward to. Among other things age-related health issues are a huge possibility. In 2024 both candidates would already be older than Reagan was when Reagan ended his second term.


My inner Papasan said that, my apologies, and you are absolutely correct in that assessment.


Predicting the future, especially in politics, is a losing proposition. I will absolutely accept that many may legitimately disagree with this opinion, but I think that there is a close to zero chance that Trump will run again. I think he will spend the next few years trying to stay out of jail for money laundering, trying to hang on to whatever money he still has, and trying to monetize the stupid goobers that haven’t yet figured out that they have been hoodwinked.

I can’t see him agreeing to take a chance on another ass-whuppin, unless it is his only route to stay out of jail.


Except that he is doing everything he can to set himself for another victory via having the state legislatures in purple states hand him the win, no matter how many people vote against him. That indicates to me that he thinks he can pull it off, in part because he’s used to getting out of legal jams, as he’s been doing it for his entire adult life. He has never been held to account for anything he’s done, and he believes he never will be.

We did this in 2016, assumed he could never win and that did not work out well.


How about if it’s just a grift to raise more money?


I’d like to see Biden enact some sort of initiative that prevents anyone over the age of 65 from running for President. That way Trump is out and Joe can retire.


Your inner Papasan speaks? Mine just masturbates… furiously. :see_no_evil:

The manipulation of the voting process is a huge problem. The GOP is all in on this because they can count potential voters, and they can read the writing on the wall regarding demographics and trends. This is why the voting rights measures are so critical, and I’m sure that we agree on that.

I could make the argument that T**** would run again because his ego and narcissism wouldn’t accept his losing and he would want to avenge that loss. I just don’t see it happening.
He’ll keep grifting, but I can’t see him running again. I could be wrong, as you suggest.


The requirements for who can run for President are clearly spelled out in the Constitution, so absent an amendment that gets ratified by 3/4 of the states (which rarely happens for even really popular ideas) Joe ain’t gonna have any say on whether Biff or anyone else runs. Which is mostly a good thing. Imagine if Trump or his GOP senate majority had any legal mechanisms for determining who could run against him.


Ah, good point.

Reports have alleged that if national guard troops had been allowed to reinforce the capital on January 6, Donald Trump would have attempted to countermand those orders for his own benefit.

The risk of a second Trump administration is too great to contemplate.


Ted Cruise running for Human President again?

Edit: I just read the article you linked. Sweet Jesus.
“In an interview with the Truth Gazette, a conservative outlet run by 15-year-old Brilyn Hollyhand”


I sincerely doubt that Trump or Biden will be able to run again in 2024. Trump will run out the clock on the multiple investigations against him, and eventually he will face some kind of justice. At which point he will magically become infirm and ‘unable to stand trial’. Once that grift runs out I think he’ll just die rather than face any consequence for anything ever.

Biden has to say he’ll run otherwise he’ll be handing the GQP firepower while the Democrats will immediately begin their traditional circular firing squad. At least this way he’ll get a couple of years of being president with just the usual amount of backstabbing and undermining going on.


I think the various state DAs are going to go after dRumpf’s business holdings and corporate finances. Rather than try to put an ex-president behind bars, they’ll simply destroy his real estate and financial holdings.


Not sure about the first part of your statement about Trump’s likely fate but I definitely agree with this part. Whatever his real plans may be, any answer other than saying he’s planning for a second term would immediately make this a lame-duck presidency and he’d lose a decent amount of leverage when working with other Democrats.