Donald Trump is ineligible to run for president, say conservative law professors

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Is this a GOP hatchet job to rid itself of the MAGA growth?


Hardly. The people in question, the Federalist Society, are the ones who CREATED the MAGA problem, Trump and all. Trump just isn’t useful to them anymore due to optics, so they’re jettisoning him in favour of a more publicly presentable monster to do their bidding.


So, a hatchet job to rid themselves of the MAGA growth


Ah, but do you see the problem? They used the Constitution Constitution. The Constitution that is currently in effect consists only of the right to bear arms, the freedom of conservatives to say whatever they want on Facebook, and whatever a guy in Oakleys and an offensive t-shirt says.


No, they’re keeping that, it’s still useful. Just getting rid of Trump.


Seeing as trump is kind of the head of the party at this point there’s probably a better tool than a hatchet to remove him from the body politic.



Either way, removing the head tends to kill the body, too, so here’s hoping


“It is unquestionably fair to say that Trump ‘engaged in’ the Jan. 6 insurrection through both his actions and his inaction,” the article said.

“Unquestionably”? Have…have they MET America?

We no longer have a set of commonly agreed-upon facts. I mean, we have a not-inconsiderable number of people who believe slavery was just vocational training.


<insert “let them fight” meme>
There is indeed some practical upside to finding a way to disqualify trump from holding office again, rather than pursue the somewhat unlikely attempt to actually lock him in a real jail from which he’d endlessly be allowed to shout, have morons rally around, only to continue running. (always wanted the toilet destruction of federal documents to be pursued just to get him out of the running). And, at least, it’s grimly amusing that there are some of the republican ‘brain trust’ who are finally gaining awareness that their Frankenstein’s monster could well cost them the ability to live rich entitled lives. Having blathered all this, there’s no likely way that this legal theory will be allowed to be properly taken-up to a highly dubious supreme court -sigh-


Two conservative law professors looking for a free Mar a Lago membership to change their minds more likely.

Or vacations.

It will be interesting to hear what Clarence’s sugar daddy, Leonard Leo (Co-chair Federalist Society), has to say about this emerging thought.


After [expletive deleted] helped them get a bunch of unqualified judges jobs on the federal bench, the FS has decided he’s not of use to them any more. Who they would rather have is unclear. I’d guess Pence would be their choice.


Nothing to add, but I love the picture.


Aka: Constitutional “Originalist”


Easier said than done. DeSantis’ utter failure is pretty clear proof that Trump’s appeal with the MAGAs can’t be easily copied (thankfully).


Sounds nice, but there’s the thorny problem of having him officially declared an insurrectionist. The current indictments notably don’t do this. What then is the legal instrument to make sure the label sticks, and is meaningful?


Trump’s attorney John Eastman has been making this argument that the insurrection was OK “because the Declaration of Independence”, ignoring that A.) the Declaration is not a legally binding document like the constitution, and B.) when they signed the Declaration they knew it was treasonous (against King George III – the USA didn’t even exist yet.)


The Federalist Society is the dog that caught the car. They’ve got their 6-3 court, but can they keep it?

They might be looking at the actuarial tables out to 2028, and not liking what they see.

However, let’s see if the Federalist Society tars and feathers these guys, or what.


Cool, great, yeah. Start a legal proceeding that could still be unresolved in November 2024, so that even centrists won’t know who legitimately won the election. That should lead to a super-orderly transition of power.

These people might as well be sovereign citizens. They literally think the law is a magic spell, unconnected to the institutions and social forces that underpin it. But it’s like, once someone has flipped over the chessboard and pulled out a sock filled with pennies, there’s no point thinking of really good chess moves.


This could be just as easily a move to inflame MAGA conspiracists. The inclusion of

means that they are just setting up a “the Democrats have a way they could thwart Trump, and here’s how they would get away with it!” headline. It also places more urgency on voting in congressional elections, since they’ve basically illustrated that this is a matter of “who’s with us, and who’s against us.”