Colorado court rules: Trump can't run in 2024 election

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We have full confidence that the U.S. Supreme Court will quickly rule in our favor

Exciting news!

But then, I have little doubt that the Tromp spokespeon is right about the Tromp-stacked SCOTUS.


Well, fingers crossed, but so far they’ve mostly not been supportive of Trump (Alito and Thomas notwithstanding) so if the 14th Amm “officeholder” language applies, and the Jan 6 event is found to be an insurrection (as it was termed by the congressional committee including Liz Cheney) then they might uphold this… and then he might get taken out of states that really matter like Wisconsin and Arizona (if he is in danger of winning Colorado Biden has already lost).


Me on seeing this on MSNBC a little while ago. “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! They actually did it! Holy shit!”


This is certainly a BFD; and will ‘encourage’ several other (bluish) states to follow suit. Of course none of us has any confidence that the supreme court will do the right thing; but that they’ll have to resort to some sort of “the president isn’t an officer” malarkey to find in his favor.


Wow, that’s amazing.

Of course it’s going to raise his support in the red states, but that shouldn’t stop courts from doing the right thing.


Quickly, please. The sooner he’s excluded from running and the sooner he’s included in facing consequences for his crimes, the better. And if it goes the other way in either case, at least we’ll see the true face of this SCOTUS and can start preparing accordingly.

We’re going to be hearing from a lot of zentrum idiots suggesting that the Supreme Court “balance things” by handing TFG one victory in exchange for one defeat with these two big cases. That’s not how it works.



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… not only that but they’d be sticking their nose into state-level election decisions to a degree that AIUI has only been seen before in civil-rights cases

SCOTUS is not in the habit of deciding who is eligible for what, in general, it’s not really their job


They don’t seem to be overly concerned with the limits or responsibilities of their position except when it suits them. Not that I’m an expert in this field…I’d welcome correction if that isn’t true.


… oh I won’t be surprised if this Supreme Court starts dictating to the states who has to be included and excluded on the presidential ballot

shocked and confused, but not surprised :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Somone shold also inisist that Thomas recuse himself from this decision, cuz, ya know, Ginny is complicit.


Except that here, Colorado has specifically disqualified Trump because of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, so it’s completely appropriate for the US Supreme Court to decide if that section is being applied correctly. This isn’t something that falls under the parts of the US Constitution that says that states decide how to run their elections.


I dunno if it will stick, but it certainly is a start. If the SC allows it, hopefully more states will follow. You only need a few key states to make a win impossible.


… sure, but if they go at it from that angle it seems like the right answer would be to declare that Trump is ineligible across the board, in every state

and somehow it seems unlikely they’ll do that

so whatever they say it’s gonna be some bullshit


Dude, stop being ‘Eeyore.’

I am as cynical as they come, but I’ve still gotta have some hope…


Except that it is the job of each state to verify eligibility of candidates. They don’t set the eligibility requirements. Those are set by the US Constitution. But it’s up to each state to verify them. It’s also important to note that Colorado’s Secretary of State is not who initially said Trump was ineligible. She actually allowed him on the ballot. Then private citizens sued her in her capacity as Secretary of State. So it was the Colorado Supreme Court, in this decision, who is the first to say Trump is ineligible. Because that holding is based on an Amendment to the US Constitution, it is 100% appropriate for the US Supreme Court to hear the case. But if they end up ruling against Trump, and in spite of the predictions of doom here I think that’s actually possible, that doesn’t mean he’s automatically off the ballot every state. I’m not actually sure what would happen then, to be honest. We are in uncharted waters here, legally.