Memo shows Trump asked Comey to drop FBI probe into Flynn and Russia


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They told Nixon that, now that his role in the cover-up was known, the votes were there to impeach him and remove him from office.[/quote]

Ay, there’s the rub.

But where Hamlet feared death, the GOP fear being primaried by their carefully selected voters for firing their man.


I’m becoming increasingly convinced that Trump could straight up murder someone on live tv and the GOP still wouldn’t vote for impeachment.


Resignation is too quick and easy a way out for Trump.

This needs to be investigated until every corner is lifted up and the sun shines in.

I’m hoping that Trump Enterprises gets nailed for money laundering and the whole thing gets confiscated. Give the Trump family one condo to live in. Like Arrested Development, but with not one sane or good person.


Of course they won’t impeach him, they have tax cuts to pass and healthcare to take away from people.


Live broadcast of Trump eating a baby “raises questions,” concede some GOP leaders.


There’s a good chance I may have committed some light treason.


I’m really looking forward to the next season of Homeland, to see how Carrie, Saul, and the others deal with a Trump administration.


This. I’ve been saying this all along.


Sounds legit. Freedom of the press is only for people we like, amirite?


Republicans straight-up refused to do their constitutional duty by refusing to even consider any of the President’s Supreme Court nominees for a year, then nuked the filibuster to strangle one of the last checks on the balance of power. Mitch McConnell took a smirking shit on the Constitution to take control of the Court. Of course he’ll do that and more to protect Cheetolini.


Watergate era republicans really had their proorities screwed up! They actually seemed to think there was something more important than partisanship, some kind of weird pinko commie concept about how one should uphold the rule of law even when the people breaking the law were on your team. Crazy!


Unfortunately Pence would go right along with their bat-shit agenda.


Wasn’t that a quote from him on the campaign trail? Yep.


What is the point of posting this on BoingBoing?


But he’s slightly less likely to go along with Putin’s bat-shit agenda.


Extended interview with Alan Dershowitz about handing precious bodily fluids over to the Rooskies

“It’s not illegal, it’s not impeachable, but it’s totally and completely wrong,”

Related: according to 538’s popularity tracker, Drumpf is at record disapproval ratings (currently 54.1%), within 0.1% of record low approval ratings (currently 39.9%), and has the worst net approval rating (-14.1%) of his 117 days in office. It seems that base support is waning, and folks are coming down off the fence.


We are a nation of laws, not men. . . except quite a few in Congress, who are supposed to be a check on Executive Branch power, apparently think we are a nation of tribes, not laws, and their tribe is more important than everything else.

I am wondering: if the memo is made public will conservative support fade, or will Fox News start screaming “fake” like they did with Obama’s birth certificate?


When this happened to Nixon, he was out. With Turmp – assuming the story checks out – I don’t think anyone really believes there’s more than a 1 in 4 chance that he’ll even be investigated. Nixon wasn’t worse or less popular than Turmp. So what’s the difference?

I think: with Nixon it came as a shock, or at least people could pretend to be shocked. But with Turmp, if the story becomes “he wasn’t fit to be President,” then it would follow directly that the people who elected him weren’t fit to elect a president. Because no one can claim to be surprised. Turmp instinctively knows that by openly incriminating himself, he makes those loyal to him into accomplices, exactly like an organised crime boss.

It’s way easier for me to say this than for Republican voters to hear it, but argh: can we just rip off the band-aid, agree that voting for Turmp was a colossal, eyes-open mistake, and move forward?