Every member of congress's reaction to Trump firing the FBI Director investigating him


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Here is a version with some filtering and coloring by party affiliation.


There is only one thing that can be done…in approximately 3 years we as a people can vote him out of office. That’s honestly as good as it will get.


He’s like a panicked dinosaur, surrounded, swinging its tail in ever widening-arcs…

At some point, regardless of lack of principles, those reps have to recognize that if they don’t get away from him, he’s taking them down with him.


I hope this guy is still his Dr…it’s the only hope I have left.


If that’s the only thing that can be done then it’s not going to work.


You’re fine Donald, perfect shape again, all the numbers are right where they should be. Go on doing and eating whatever you want, screwing whatever you want, you’re fine! Oh, and the check will arrive on the tenth again, right? Right!


“That which does not kill you, makes me richer.”


I applaud your use of Vigo the Carpathian!

Reminded me of this relatively recent article on the actor who played Vigo:


When I see President Trump’s opposition fly into apocalyptic hysteria over a non-event like the FBI director being replaced, I assume that his presidency will last eight years at least.

I mean, with two exceptions, literally no FBI director has served out a full term.


Then again, you know who else fired an FBI director while under FBI investigation? Didn’t work out so great for that guy, did it?


You don’t think Russia conducting cyber attacks in order to influence our election (and the possible collusion of one of the candidates) to be a matter of concern?

For the record, Comey didn’t just not serve out his term, he was fired. Only one other FBI director was fired, and that was for ethics violations.

There was a lot of anger over Comey’s selective release of information about an active investigation, but no one had a problem with how that investigation was conducted. His firing while he is investigating the current president’s campaign is suspicious to say the least - especially when their stated reason is so nonsensical. If they were so angry about the Clinton email investigation, why didn’t they get rid of him in January?


Who else?


In that time, Trump (with sociopathic GOP help) can hardwire benefits to his businesses, rake in major dough along the way, and then cash out big time, win or lose; isn’t that why he ran for president?


Well, it’s not Nixon.


The silence on the Republican side of the divide is deafening. Most that do have anything to say are basically playing apologist, except for a small handful. (And John McCain of course)


Yeah, the Saturday Night Massacre didn’t include the FBI Director.


Clinton fired Sessions for ethics violations. From the LA Times:

“The Justice Department report found, among other things, that Sessions had engaged in a sham transaction to avoid paying taxes on his use of an FBI limousine to take him to and from work, that he had billed the government for a security fence around his home that provided no security and that he had arranged business trips to places where he could meet with relatives.”


Correct. If political organizations choose to conduct business secretly instead of openly and honestly, I am appreciative of any organization, Russian or otherwise, that will reveal these machinations to the public. Good on them. I wish they’d revealed the dirty laundry of the Republican party, too!

Breaking into foreign computer systems and using the information gained there to advance the interests of their nation is a fundamental part of the job of national intelligence agency. In what fantasy world is that not true? You can’t do anything that will prevent this, it is a feature of base reality, it’s not negotiable.

I want to live in the reality-based community.