He 'fumed.' Trump's unhinged anger drove decision to fire FBI's Comey, WaPo reports— citing 30+ sources


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Comey is tall. He’s 6’8"
The last photos of them together…make trump look very small.
I wonder if Trump is thin skinned enough to see that as a threat to him.


Imagine how teeny tiny Trump’s hand was in that handshake. Like a toddlers.

This is going to end with Trump barricaded in Cheyenne Mountain until his food supply runs out.


Actual photo:


Here’s what his hand looks like next to an average size person.


We still don’t know why Trump is so increasingly desperate to avoid the topic of his ties to Russia.

Ummm… no, I’m pretty sure we do.



An actual picture of him fuming:


but not FOR SURE. I mean, we can guess, and a lot of people smarter than you or I or anyone on this site certainly have interesting thoughts on the matter, but we don’t KNOW. Maybe 45 just really didn’t like Comey’s aftershave, and either didn’t anticipate the reaction,demonstrating breathtaking stupidity, or simply didn’t care about the reaction, demonstrating breathtaking narcissism. Certainly, either one is believable.

The really terrible part is that it’s not beyond the bounds of probability that 45 is, technically, personally innocent of any illegal activity and is simply bad at his job at a cellular level.


What, the man who spent decades sending Graydon Carter photos with his hands circled in gold Sharpie to show how yuuugge they are and who sends out 3AM Tweets containing schoolyard taunts is driven by unhinged anger? Hard to believe.



I admire the generosity of your mind, but I think that’s more of a possibility situation than a probability one.


oh, I don’t think it’s LIKELY. But it’s, y’know, possible… We all thought W was a moron, but Cheetolini here might have just redefined the concept of willful ignorance.

I mean, if Ivanka or Jared isn’t there to explain things using colored blocks and single syllable words, do you really think he actually understands anything at all?

Maybe he’s not evil. Maybe he’s just really really stupid. It makes me wonder, which would bother him more? That people would think of him as a bad person, or as a supremely incompetent one?


It’s a sucker bet.

Never underestimate how easily a fascist special snowflake can be offended.

It’s practically all he’s good at. Holding grudges, taking offense, bragging obliviously.

Like a less-likable Jabba the Hutt.


And here I was thinkin’ I was bein’ all fancypants in my speechifyin’






Even in an infinite universe, some possibilities beggar belief. Trump not breaking the law is one of them.


This would be a good time for an embarrassing leak. Something to keep Trump off balance and too distracted to fuck around with the intelligence community.

Doesn’t have to be the pee-pee video. Maybe the rumored footage of Trump on the set of The Apprentice, using racist and sexist language.