Trump told Russians in Oval Office that Comey's firing relieved "great pressure," called FBI director "nut job"


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Help . . .




I would really very much like to come back to the other side of the looking glass, please.


Hey Trump!, Here’s how to relieve your “great pressure”


He’s a classy, well-spoken guy.


In other news Sergei Lavrov is secretly awarded the We-are-Revenged-for-Yeltsin Star with oak leaves for services to getting Russia’s own back for being landed with a disastrous President. Tapes of the meeting are on loop in all major Kremlin offices.


Wait. Wait, wait, wait - you’re telling me that That Man is, on record, admitting to the Russians that he fired Comey because of the investigation?

Let’s take Putin up on his offer to supply the tapes of the conversation. Please.

(As an aside, I am beginning to wonder if Vladimir Vladimirovich has decided to one-up his achievement helping get That Man in office by then getting him out of it. Putin giveth, Putin taketh away. Now that would be some kind of macho BS demonstration of power.)


You can never come back


na na na na
na na na na
hey hey hey
good fucking riddance, shitgibbon

the amazing thing is, it rhymes


If Trumps impeached or resigns it still does not clean up the mess.
Pence and everyone brought into the administration need’s to be removed.

Is there a mechanism in place to do that?


Trump. Making The Capitol RED again!


Also, how the heck can the NYT say this “reinforces the notion” that he dismissed him primarily because of the bureau’s investigation?

It CONFIRMS it. Come out and say it, can’t you?



Can anybody help me out with some peach-flavored cocktail recipes for a theme party I’ll be holding soon?


Perhaps this will help:


Imperial rum + peach juice and slices… hmmm…wonder what else you could add. Orange?
But basically play on words: Imp-peach. Couldn’t find something for the Trump bit so resorted to Orange. Need help from a mixologist up in here :slight_smile:


Because Trump’s ability to tell the strict truth is such that even if he incriminates himself out of his own mouth it may not be 100% accurate? The NYT can’t fact check the inside of Trump’s skull.


Exactly. It’s going to be a great summer for Georgia’s peach growers.