Trump told Russians in Oval Office that Comey's firing relieved "great pressure," called FBI director "nut job"


Must be a witch hunt:




That’ll work. I might substitute a different brand of rum though, to keep with the theme of the party


I’d add some bitters, too; Angostura would be fine.


I particularly like the spin from a “third government official” that Trump was negotiating from a position of weakness, and was rolling over and showing his belly in an attempt to leave the Russians with “a sense of obligation”.
Real men don’t beg for pity-fucks.




Not, strictly speaking, “on the record.” In fact, clearly would have preferred that it remain very much off the record.

But, yeah, his own big mouth remains one of his worst enemies.


Trump: Comey told me 3 times that I wasn’t under investigation.

Trump: Firing that nutjob Comey eased pressure from the investigation.

One of these statements is not like the other.


This makes perfect sense if you understand the fact that Drumpf is a fiercely distorted arrested-development case. His emotional age is frozen at about 9. An ill-mannered spoiled-brat 9. Of course he brags to his mentors because they are representative of the man he thinks of as his spiritual big brother - Putin - and Drumpf desperately wants approval from him. This is a classic example of a childish ego seeking validation that he never got from his own parents.

This is also a classic example of the incredible stupidity that Drumpf has displayed since day one of his campaign, and which his sycophants still refuse to admit, God damn them to the hell they so richly deserve. He actually believes that all he had to do to stop the investigation was to fire someone. He is such a brainless clod that even if he didn’t have the the raging egomania that makes him believe he can sway anyone with his trademark creepy handshake and a few words, he is utterly incapable of understanding how he has convinced everyone in Washington, even about half his own party, that he is so incompetent he is a danger to this country and should be removed from office.

GOD DAMN THE LEADERSHIP OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. With their eyes wide open and with full knowledge of what they were doing, they cursed this country with a “President” who has the IQ of a pig, the sense of responsibility of a pig, the manners and morals of a pig, the humanity of a pig, and the social grace of a constipated pig.


To GrymRpr: Yes, but it’s not legal. Do you care?


…this is what I have been expecting all along, and initially watched with smug, self-righteous satisfaction.

Now it just feels so incredibly sad. We are all losers in this situation. The whole world. And there will be no easy way out.

If only we could come together, and with Pence as the 46, just agree to try to make the world a better place from the center aisle. And with each new election every 2 years, heal a little.


I really need to go camping again, among the mountains and trees. nice deep valleys and tall granite peaks that completely block reception, preventing news services providing further confirmation of just how stupid my president is.


This is OT, but I can’t help but notice how genuinely happy Trump looks in the pics of him with the Russians. In most (if not all) of the other meetings with dignitaries he has that “Hey, take my picture” pasted-on smile or that thin-lipped grimace. He’s really yukking it up with the Russians.


Of course there is, but each step starts with somebody (in Congress) writes a bill entitled
"articles of impeachment" against the public official who has committed the impeachable offense. Just because certain officials having been acting like it, does not mean they are above the law.


Yep. I had to work closely for a couple of years with someone who was exactly like Trump in this and many other ways. He would do anything for approval from those he thought he could look up to. When it was clear I would no longer give it, I became a mortal enemy and his rational behaviour went completely out the window, over the car park, through the lake of fecal matter and into the bin, nothing but net.

Mark my words. As soon as Putin says something negative about Trump, which he will soon, Russia will become our enemy again. I hope to hell there’s an adult in the room with him at all times after that, or better, that it pushes him to do something egregious enough to get fired by Congress, before he does something stupid out of frustration that gets a lot of people hurt.


What a great idea!

Peach daiquiri
Fuzzy Navel


In the past they called that “Mad ESP.”


Probably more accurate now