Trump just fired FBI director James Comey


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I suppose one way to stifle any FBI efforts into Trump’s doings is to replace its director with some yet-to-be-named, obedient little goose-stepper.


I’m no fan of Comey, but this is bad. This is very, very bad.


Somebody didn’t like the hearing yesterday.
Remember that time when Sessions was caught lying to Congress and was still confirmed?


It’s too bad crazy Ted Gunderson is dead. He’d be perfect for the Trump FBI.


Comey = bad.
Trump = bad.

Trump throwing the guy who helped him get elected under the bus = wtf?


Bad is nowhere close to describing this bullshit. The Republicans are officially Russian in my book.

Politburo West.


This way he doesn’t have to repay the favor.


Welcome to the Tuesday night massacre.


It’s impeachment time in DC. Midterms are now that much more important…


Tuesday Night of the Long Knives?


What fucktard cock holster will Trump put in his place?


I guess he ceased being useful to the king.


Every day, I wonder how many people is he allowed to fire? How long before he’s literally the only one running anything?


and much too close to fire I suspect…


Holy fuckpants. This is a notable moment in history, I think.


You can add James Comey to the growing list of tRump’s detractors.


He will attempt to appoint someone who he hopes will make the whole Russia thing go away. He may well appoint someone who makes J.Edgar Hoover look like a paragon of fairness, objectivity, and justice. Don’t be surprised if the FBI is gutted of agents, and new, unqualified pro Trump agents are brought in en masse.

Does anyone know if the new FBI Director has to be confirmed by 60% of the Senate or just 51%? I’m not sure if the “nuclear option” employed to confirm Gorsuch applies to just Supreme Court nominees or everyone.


Hang on. Back up a step. Comey helped… Hillary during the campaign?


It’s becoming obvious that this is 45’s plan to MAGA.

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