Trump told Russians in Oval Office that Comey's firing relieved "great pressure," called FBI director "nut job"


Trump: “I just fired that nutjob running the FBI.”

Curtains: “What?!”


You know, Russian and American men of a certain background are very alike in some ways, in my experience. To Europeans, too big, too close, a bit overpowering. And the countries that seem to produce the Youtube videos with the biggest bangs, the most pointless destruction of vehicles and the most reckless use of weapons are also the US and the RF. I seem to recall Arthur C Clarke suggesting it was about space - both countries have more space than they quite know what to do with.
Yeltsin was more intelligent than is Trump, but (except for the Twitter habit) they do seem somewhat alike.
Whereas Trump is now surrounded by people who have probably had rather Ivy League education, and have been schooled in public service. Not so familiar. And then he comes across someone like Lavrov who is probably an expert at putting Trump-like Americans at ease. These people around you, Donald, they don’t really appreciate you. Whereas we do.

I will probably be told off for sweeping generalisations but I do think there is something in the idea.


One can only laugh (in between crying that this is our president).

Trump, seen holding the smoking gun saying, “I did it, I killed him” reinforces the notion that he committed the murder.


Yeah! We don’t beg for them! We may sometimes kind of hint that we’d like one, but if she doesn’t pick up on it we just let it go.


I was waxing poetic about Trump about a month ago when a moderate conservative said “how can you square this complaining against the fact that your party didn’t get out and vote?”

I was so caught off guard that I debated this on it’s face for a minute before saying “wait a minute! We didn’t get enough voters out there to stop Trump, but you people elected him! Not only that, but you moderates were the worst; you kept your heads down and your mouths shut, afraid of the nutjobs in your own party, and counted on us to solve your problem for you!”

He mumbled about that for a few seconds and then pulled the “look over there!” gambit to get off that subject. I let him, because after all, he is my Dad…



Apart from the alcoholic dementia.



Firing on Iranian-backed militiamen in Syria is surely contrary to whatever expectations Putin has about Trump’s policies.


I had to check again myself because I couldn’t believe it, but, quoth the New York Times:

The White House document that contained Mr. "President" Trump’s comments was based on notes taken from inside the Oval Office and has been circulated as the official account of the meeting. One official read quotations to The Times, and a second official confirmed the broad outlines of the discussion.

I think that counts as on record.


The most damning thing about all this is that for decades conservatives have accused their liberal counterparts as being secret Russian communists. And now they’ve basically handed us over to Russia while singing praises about what a great country it is.

Welp. Better start learning the words.


Did you see the clip of the Russian entourage with Trump, and a reporter asks about the Comey firing, and the Russians (not Trump, who I think had been asked) kind of mockingly respond, “Oh, has he been fired?” It was almost as if to say, you know it’s us who had that done, right?

Yeah, I agree… I think Putin is going to sacrifice his golden calf.


Despite… What’s Trump’s excuse, he supposedly doesn’t drink!


Too stupid to know how stupid he is.


And the sad thing is despite all the changes in Russia, they are still autocratic despots who kill people who stand in their way. Nothing’s changed there; it’s just now they are “businessmen” whom one might be able to make a buck off, instead of so-called “communists” who might take their property away. That’s the only real difference. It really shows that the right wing doesn’t really care about liberty, except for the freedom to make a buck.


That’s from Pi right? D Aronofsky has always made challenging films but that one was one of the strangest.


To the T, every outlandish (and not so outlandish) conspiracy conservatives have thrown toward political and social opponents has simply been them projecting their own desires.

Has anyone really checked on child sex trafficking rings in pizza parlors yet. Because, wow.


Ah the “I’m sorry I got caught” defense. Got it.


Yeah, that’s from π. Wonderful film that immediately made me a fan of Aronofsky.


Said Nutty McNutJob.


Good point. Suppose the Russians found out about it?

UPDATE: Trump’s numpties are not the first US administration to define “the Enemy” (from whom information must be kept by way of security classifications) as “the voting public” rather than “hostile countries”, but they are being unusually blatant about it.