Memo shows Trump asked Comey to drop FBI probe into Flynn and Russia

Reading this report I am struck by one almost hilarious thing: Trump threatened Comey that (maybe) he had “tapes” of their conversation . . . and now we find Comey was keeping a paper trail all along.

It should go without saying that Trump is completely out of his league here, the only thing keeping him standing as the punches land is GOP cronies propping him up.


I can’t wait for Oliver’s how-to episodes on Constitutional amendments and the Presidential impeachment process.


I am fascinated by how fast we go through the phases of Trump scandal:

  1. Shocking new scandal breathlessly reported by NYT or WaPo.
  2. Trump administration officials strongly deny scandal.
  3. Trump tacitly admits then forcefully admits whatever terrible thing he’s accused of on Twitter, directly contradicting the chumps who stood up for him just hours before.
  4. Administration chumps scramble to invent a way that their denial and Trumps admission are aligned parts of the same narrative.
  5. Congressional Democrats collectively gasp and shriek “This just TEARS IT!” and Congressional Republicans pretend this is exactly what America needs.

Less than 24 hours on yesterday’s discovery that Trump gave classified info to the Russians. Hoping that by bedtime tonight Trump will admit he asked Comey to end investigation.


Watergate era republicans really had their proorities screwed up! They actually seemed to think there was something more important than partisanship,

Don’t mythologize watergate. It took over 2 years from the break-in to nixon’s resignation. And the same partisan divide regarding the seriousness of the problem existed then as does now. There were regular accusations that it was all a liberal conspiracy to either force/trick/blackmail nixon into governing more liberally or to damage the presidency.

What saved us then was not necessarily principled republicans but a democratic majority in both houses of congress.


Because Trump has an unprecedented power to induce schadenfreude-fueled rage boners which are easily converted to clicks, ad impressions, and eventually to people arguing over dumb shit which leads to more clicks and ad impressions when they come back to argue more. C’mon, it’s a cheap fun high, BB makes a nickel, and you’re already reading this right now anyway. Nobody gets hurt. It’s fun. Clicky click click click click.

Alternate answer: Major outlet comments sections are godawful subscription-paywalled warzones. BB is a nice little suburban cul-de-sac away from all the hustle and bustle, where it’d be rude not to chat with the neighbors over a lemonade even if you kinda hate them.


It’s a good sign that Fox News is following Bettridge’s law. Currently the top two headlines are COMEY’S REVENGE? and JUMPING THE GUN? (on impeachment).



Lounge singer voice, “Obstruction of justice, yeah!”


Truth in chyron advertising :smiley:

(That is a statement to Tucker rather than by Tucker, isn’t it?)


You think Trump is going to resign? Akin to voluntarily Losing? I’d be surprised. Plus it will be so much more fun for the GOP to have to impeach him, for him to put up a fight, for all the indictments to have to come out, for staff, secretaries of various departments, senators and congressmen all have to be carted away in cuffs.

Look at it this way. If he stays president, they can’t prosecute him, not until after he is impeached. If he resigns, they can go after him right away.


If I may turn that question around, why wouldn’t the President asking the head of the FBI not to investigate allegations of Russian influence over the White House be discussed on BoingBoing or anywhere else?

That is an actual, non-rhetorical question.




Or maybe they can revive School House Rocks to sing about it.


True. And I’m in favor of impeaching Trump. Pence is at least a more predictable brand of evil. But the most important factor in either course is taking the Senate and hopefully the House away from the GOP.


Some will agree. Some never will…


Careful when you speak truths like that, it cuts both ways. Obama was very into ferreting out leaks to the press, and I’ve been very impressed recently with how little my fellow Liberals actually value freedom of expression.


Dershowitz seems to be in the business of not making friends.

There are only about a million other places on the Internet to do that already.

I miss the days of BB truly being a Directory of Wonderful Things (which is what it started out as, and was for a long time). It was a truly unique and special place on the web, made by, and for, Happy Mutants.

Now it’s mostly a Directory of Monetized Clickbait. I don’t get the sense any of the BB crew is really passionate about it anymore. Sad.


How are you imagining that anything impeachable from Russia and the campaign that is bad enough to take Trump down would leave Pence standing?