Memo shows Trump asked Comey to drop FBI probe into Flynn and Russia


I want you to be correct. But if the past year has taught me anything, it’s that my imagination is unequal to the task of determining the worst possible outcomes.


can you please provide me with a list of pre-approved places on the internet for the discussion of curiosities and happenings? if you could break it down by subject matter that would be super helpful.

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Remember that a big part of Flynn’s undoing was that he apparently lied to Pence about the Russia stuff. Pence may be hopelessly tainted by association with Trump but so far he can still cling to plausible deniability.


Yes, but he was talking about his poll numbers in that quote. Keeping the idiots who voted for you on your side is one thing. Keeping the GOP establishment on your side is another thing. At some point, I keep thinking they’ve got to realize how much he is hurting them. But no, they seem determined to go down with him at this point.




That would require a significant portion of the population to have a minimum level of introspection and the ability to incorporate new data into their world-view.

(In other words, not bloody likely!)


So, you’re disappointed in BoingBoing?


[quote=“hungryjoe”] Hoping that by bedtime tonight Trump will admit he asked Comey to end investigation.

I live in Europe, so every time I wake up and check the news I have to make sure I am not having a night-mare.

That said, a federal union for a horse.


Dear god, NO; that would only ruin the nostalgia.

The attempt to revive it in the early 90’s was already bad enough.

(Also, Constitution Rock was always my least favorite out of all the subjects; gimme some good ol fashioned Math Rock, any day…)


Spicer: The mews… news that Presidemp… that President Trump ate a baby is catelorically false.

Pence: Did the president eat a baby? (Shakes head like a disappointed dad) No, no, of course he didn’t.

Kellyanne Conway: President Trump has never eaten anything. The real question is why are the Democrats so obsessed with baby-eating.

Trump: I ate the baby. Delicious baby. It was amazingly delicious. Just great. The best.


“ladies and gentlemen, the National Weather Service has issued a major shitstorm advisory notice for the DC area. Please stay tuned for further information…”


As wonderfully illustrated by Jon Rosenberg:


Time to start stockpiling books, If there are going to be book burnings, you want to be seen to be doing your bit.


Git offa mah lawn, ya goddam Happy Mutant!


Translation: “I’m a Trump supporter.”


(Except the clowns are in charge.)


Well he’s going to have to start hurting them first. They have control of both houses and the executive. They’ve used it to get control of the court (possibly for a very long time) which will help with their project of rolling back institutional protection of human rights. They have reversed the first, tiny, inadequate step the US has taken in my lifetime towards a sane healthcare system. And they’ve really annoyed a lot of people who don’t identify as white christian.

Which is perhaps the biggest win.

It’s a big like Brexit: The Big Troll as a way of life, a defining cultural artefact.


This shit is NOT NORMAL!


He isn’t hurting them.

The people bothered by Trump mostly aren’t GOP voters. But since the GOP rump now have complete control of the US electoral system, only their votes matter [1].

Yes, a few of the GOP establishment plutocrats and paleocons are upset by Trump, but most of the base are absolutely delighted with him. Their only complaint is that he isn’t getting rid of the brown people fast enough.

You’re in the mid-late stages of a fascist takeover. Voting ain’t gonna change that, and neither is an intra-GOP coup. Even if that were to happen [2], you’d just be swapping a clumsy fascist for a well-oiled one.

[1] Barring effective mass unrest/insurrection.
[2] Very unlikely; the GOP base show no sign of abandoning Trump in significant numbers.


It’s accelerating, isn’t it. The Comey firing took about 48 hours to get there, but as you say, the sharing classified information with the Russians thing was more like 24. I don’t know how short the process can get, though, Trump has to give his cronies at least some time to humiliate themselves before admitting whatever thing it is he’s accused of.