Memo shows Trump asked Comey to drop FBI probe into Flynn and Russia


A glimmer of hope that this science-hating, truth-adverse, greedy, lecherous, would-be tyrant may finally be NAILED strikes me as a REALLY REALLY WONDERFUL THING.



The angle the right is pushing this morning seems to be the idea that if he asked Comey to let Flynn off the hook due to him liking Flynn rather than trying to protect himself, then he has technically done nothing wrong.


And then fired him for it, then babbling that the firing had something to do with the Russia Thing . . . that won’t hold up.

Well, it will give the Fox News crowd something to cling to for a few more days, until, I dunno, Trump, in his next fit of syphilitic dementia, starts talking about how Putin was so great for helping out during the campaign.


Keep in mind that his disapproval ratings are a record for this early in a president’s term.. Kind of like a record temperature for a particular day of the year. He’s still on his political honeymoon, when there are people hoping that he can fulfill some of his promises… When you extend the timframe of that popularity tracker you can see that most presidents see a significant decline in their popularity as it becomes obvious that progress will be slow to non-existant. So his popularity is likely to go down in the future.


As far as we know, but we don’t know what the FBI has already turned up.


Honeymoon is over - he’s on deathwatch.


Trump has had the kind of honeymoon that begins with the bride finding the groom has packed up for the trip an inflatable goat, a black rubber diaper, handcuffs, a jizz-stained copy of Atlas Shrugged, and a picture album of his last four honeymoon adventures.


They are not going to like this:

“The Trump administration wants to cut the Energy Department’s offices for nuclear power and fossil-fuel energy by 31% and 54%, respectively…”


The only hope Republicans have at this point to keep a hold of their power is to ditch him now, while there’s still time to make their base forget what happened by November 2018.


What do they have to worry about? Their base is so short-sighted and dull-witted they’ve already forgotten what they had for breakfast.


They’ll sell that to the base as “Trump eliminates job-killing government regulation of the energy industry” and “Trump stops the government from wasting your money on researching made-up climate change nonsense”.


When congress finally gets around to writing up the Articles of Impeachment they’ll have to make it a Wiki just to keep up with all the latest revelations.


Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if the “Failing” New York Times was able to succeed in bringing down Trump?


Isn’t that pretty much the definition of gaslighting?

“Yeah, that stuff you think is happening? It’s not happening. The evidence you have that seems to point to one conclusion actually means something else. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”


Because the actual tape was made public.

So far on this story, we have a memo allegedly (Cory’s description) written to Comey, shared by an unnamed source who says that s/he saw the memo, via a phone call to a reporter.

Comey comes before the cameras and shows the memo, yes, it will be a very different ball game.



I wonder if he’ll ask the next FBI chief to drop the investigation into the obstruction of justice of the investigation of the Russian ties by the previous FBI chief.


I remember when Greenwald was praising Tucker’s handling of the Russia collusion accusations before Trump was elected, and now (at least in the past couple of weeks) he’s taken down his pinned tweet about the deep state.


So far pretty much all the reporting from WaPo and NYT on the Trump-Russia stuff has panned out. The closest thing we’ve had to a retraction so far was when the Washington Post updated a story with this clarification:


And, yes, there will be a big correction on this story too. We keep talking about the Comey memo, when in fact it sounds like it’s Comey memos, like he was making a written record of all of his interactions with Trump. Perhaps he suspected that might one day be important to some kind of investigation.