Memo shows Trump asked Comey to drop FBI probe into Flynn and Russia


Speaking of political TV shows… Apparently Robin Wright has been going around saying that the Trump administration stole all their ideas for House of Cards!


What is the point of you asking what is the point of posting this on BoingBoing?




Are you disappointed, bigly?


To find the answer to a question that I cannot already look up in a million other places.


First rule of enforcement (whether law or regulatory): write down everything. Enforcement bodies teach notetaking as a mandatory course for a reason. You never know what tiny, seemingly insignificant and easily forgotten detail may prove pivotal if it goes to court.

So not only will Comey have notes, they will hold a higher legal weight because they will be taken at the time of or just after the incident(s). They will be dated and detailed enough to serve as evidence, simply because that habit has been drilled into him over the years. Some enforcement/regulators have notes on every single phone call and meeting they’ve had over the years. Not necessarily because they think that there is something nefarious happening (though in this case Comey might have) but simply because it’s habit and you never know what might be a make or break detail.

Edited to change the word “criminal” which has a narrow and specific meaning, replaced with “pivotal” which better reflects the point.


“Wer schreibt, der bleibt.”


I expect that will be part of the interview process. In fact, i expect that to be the interview, in it’s entirety.


Do you find discussion of current events pointless? I like it because I might learn something by reading comments (especially with such an erudite group), and making comments and then have people respond to them. I like learning new things.

ETA: E.g., I just looked up @FGD135’s comment:

to find that it means “Who writes, stays.” Interesting.


“It’s not illegal, it’s not impeachable, but it’s totally and completely wrong,”

What the hell is Dershowitz arguing?

Duresse oblige? The law “Comes Alive” when it defies common sense?


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