Comey was concerned over possible evidence of Russia collusion, then Trump fired him: WSJ


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At this point, even if you took the explanations from Trump’s proxies at face value that Comey’s firing really had nothing to do with the Russia investigation, it could still qualify as obstructing an investigation. And that’s only if you’re willing to be suckered by lying liars who lie for a living. Sorry, “provide alternative facts.”


Is there any way to invest money in “Ding, Dong, The witch is dead”? Hopefully that’ll become real popular soon.



It’s going to be harder for the GOP establishment to ignore a report from the WSJ, not exactly known as a liberal media outlet. Putting aside its loony-toons right-wing op-ed pages, it’s still a Murdoch-owned outlet that’s the newspaper of record for American capitalism.


There’s been an absolute torrent of leaks in the last day about all the various (Russia-investigation-related) things Trump was upset about and the reason why Trump had Comey fired. They’re coming from inside the White House, from the FBI and other intelligence organizations; there are a lot of apparently really pissed-off federal employees that feel like they need to get this information out there, now. Even if the GOP could ignore the WSJ, they can’t ignore them all. This is getting ugly, fast.


You say that, but it’s the first newspaper coopted by the Peoples’ UN Coalition Of Remedy For Great Bragh Republic Which For One Has Heard Of You, ahead of the occupying UN Triggered By All The Gaiety forces.

No? Who would he call but Certainly Not His Lawyer? The Hildyjk Federation? Electors of Wayne MapReduce Co? The Photoshop Users’ Ethics Commission?

Shuck> This is getting ugly, fast.

If you mean the opposite of what you just said, then I agree. (Apologies to John Allison of )


While I find the whole ‘hands’ thing a juvenile substitute for real criticism - and only worthwhile because we just know how much it deliberately P’s him off …

I :two_hearts: the cropping here (even as a 'shoop) - and think that all photos, ever, should be retroactively edited and only ever show that word like that. Let history books only ever show the banners with that first letter obscured or cut.

Darn, now I’m trying to recall if it was a Futurama, Demolition Man, Idiocracy or something that had some throw-away line about how a cuss word had become mainstream since President Douchenozzle defeated Cockwallop or something.


You’re welcome.


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Our yuge orange shit stain would rather be pissed on than pissed off.


It was family Guy, it was Douchebag and Daterape.

EDIT:Really, I’m leaving this as is. But to be clear: The show was Family Guy, the president was Douchebag who defeated Daterape.



A wise german once told me, “Es gibt keine Freude wie schadenfreude.”

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