Comey plans to testify that yes, Trump pushed him to end FBI probe into Russia ties


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Current sustaining fantasy: Comey ends his testimony by looking into the camera and saying “Knowing what I know, Mr. President, I am confident that you will die in jail.”


[Insert Kathy Griffin severed 45 head pic here]

Too soon?


Eh, can’t Trump just sell the FBI or something? Maybe to the Russians? You know manage government like a business and all that…!


Privatize the FBI? Surely you jest!


Trump should really watch this youtube video.


(Just like Trump) I have never read that book. So what’s it about? Sounds like poorly disguised pornographic fiction!


There is not enough popcorn in the world, for this one. Gonna be a good show.



I was in grade school during the Watergate hearings… I remember thinking that this is history, I should watch this, so I turned them on. Took about 3 minutes, maybe less for me to decide that they were, in reality boring as all heck before I switched the channel back to Ultraman.


New White House policy: All Russia questions referred to lawyer.”

“In an off-camera briefing Wednesday, Sean Spicer announced a new White House policy on the Russia investigation: “All questions going forward on [Russia] will be referred to outside counsel Marc Kasowitz.” This new policy comes the same day James Comey agreed to testify publicly before the Senate Intel Committee as early as next week.” -Axios

But, but Marc is under investigation too…


At this point the investigations findings will be irrelevant. Collusion is hard to prove but obstruction of justice is much easier when your primary witness to the obstruction is the head of the FBI.
Next step is waiting for the midterms to get enough Dems in office to hold impeachment hearings. There’s no way the Rebs are going to allow it.


an investigation that Trump has repeatedly denounced as a “witch hunt.”

An argument whose force is largely blunted when you are, in fact, an obvious witch.



Frank Drebin would be a more competent world leader.


At least he wants to do good.


Comey should probably avoid dark alleys between now and his testimony in Congress. And people with umbrellas.


Worth keeping in mind during the testimony: Comey is a crooked bastard, whose allegiance lies with the pre-Trump GOP establishment. I expect to see him dropping dirt on Trump, but I also expect to see him working hard to whitewash and absolve the rest of the GOP.

Trump is the face, but the entire GOP are the problem. If they manage to replace Trump with Pence without weakening their overall grip on power, the situation gets worse rather than better.


Russians are not going to assassinate Comey, no matter what. Putin is entirely capable and willing to have Russians who inconvenience him killed, whether they’re tenacious journalists or too-popular opposition politicians at home, or former intelligence people abroad who might want to spill too many things.

But assassinating foreigners, abroad? That’s not the Kremlin’s MO these day. And assassinating a man like Comey, a former director of the FBI? No way, no how. Putin’s not an idiot, and as a former KGB man himself, knows how the game is played.


I read Anselm’s post as a suggestion that the threat would come from an idiot closer to home.