Comey plans to testify that yes, Trump pushed him to end FBI probe into Russia ties

Well, that’s a possibility, but a very, very low-level one. Almost impossibly low, in fact.

And the mention about umbrellas was clearly a reference to Georgi Markov, who was assassinated with a ricin pellet delivered via umbrella stab.

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But will Covfefe testify?

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That shot of Comey looks like it’s from a David Lynch film. And that’s kinda how this whole thing seems, a nightmare reality.

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Oh damn, I thought you were leaking one of the POTUS morning briefings.

So, if Comey thought what Trump was discussing was obstruction of justice, what did Comey do at the time, and what ought he have done at the time? (Besides write a note to himself.)

Seems to me if Comey thought at the time Trump was doing something illegal, he would have maybe referred it to the DOJ.

Sooner or later during an investigation, you have to either drop it or charge an individual, correct?

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