Mueller told Trump lawyers he could subpoena President if he refuses to testify: Reports


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“You are screwing with the work of the president of the United States.”

Maybe they can interview him on the golf course.

Or are golf outings the “work of the President” so they need to interview him during the week?

I’m confused.


I love how, in most of the coverage and debate - on both sides - there’s implicit acknowledgement that Mueller already has evidence of obstruction or collision on Trump.

I know that this is standard procedure for the FBI (giving you the chance to lie and dig deeper), but it’s funny how people will vehemently defend Trump one minute, then casually acknowledge his guilt five minutes later.


I mean, on the surface it’s cool, like “yeah, get him, Mueller!” but then I think it’s just grandstanding since obviously Trump will just lie about everything, and he knows that, so it’s really just about dick waving.
But I guess the savvier reading is as Towlemonkey says

I realize I don’t know anything about politics but even so, and even if Mueller does already have evidence, I’m cynical that anything of consequence will come of the hearing even with Trump’s testimony. Perjury and obstruction is what they nailed Clinton on but he was still acquitted along party lines. Obviously election interference is a lot more serious than cheating on your wife but the charges will probably be perjury and obstruction, right? If the trial is in “normal” court not an impeachment hearing, is it really going to make a difference? It’d be great, but I’m not holding my breath.


Mueller’s getting his ducks lined up with these leaks. This is gonna be juicy.



That’s why November is so important. The House is within reach, the Senate is a long shot but still a real possibility.

Even if impeachment doesn’t get Trump removed from office, irrefutable evidence of his guilt could hurt both him and his supporters in congress. Let’s bury any chance he has for reelection in 2020, and let history record who stood up to shield him from the consequences of his actions. Let every Trump apologist in the House and the Senate bear that stain like the mark of Cain for the rest of time.



the Grand Jury is, ideally, the honey badger of the democratic process


I think it’s really all about getting Trump to perjure himself, at length. Give him enough rope and the case writes itself.


The fascinating part will come when that tub of shit is convicted. Does anyone think he’ll ever face any real consequences for his crimes? I’m sure his base will go into full revolution mode. He’ll pardon himself, pence will pardon him, the NRA will pardon him, scary huckleberry slanders will pardon him. That bloated toad will never be made to pay for his crimes. Still having a noose near that multi-chinned neck will be sweet.




Is the right wing press doing this anywhere? I haven’t seen it.


And that’s precisely the problem. Lying to a federal agent is illegal. It represents obstruction right off the bat.

Trumps legal team are probably terrified to put him in a room with investigators. Because he lies so casually. Often about meaningless things. And he can’t be controlled. He pulls his usual BS in answering Mueller during an interview. And it results in a near guaranteed obstruction charge.


tRump’s flunkies leaked the memo, it’s how Donny Two Burgers does bid’ness.



Then they have him on perjury.