Special counsel Mueller is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice charges


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The first thing I noticed in the picture of Mr. Mueller is the halo the DoJ seal forms behind his head.

Please, Universe - let this come to a beneficial conclusion for all the inhabitants of Earth!


This was pretty obviously going to happen given Comey’s testimony.

I’ve been reading Seth Abramson’s twitter feed for the last couple of weeks. The guy used to be a public defender and seems pretty akamai about the way prosecutors think. After Comey’s testimony he was adamant that Trump was now under investigation. Based on Sessions’s squirrely-as-fuck testimony, Abramson thinks Sessions is also under investigation now as well.


He’s got a theory about Russia and Trump too, basically Trump traded lifting sanctions for Rosneft shares. Much of that is circumstantial, but he tracked down the Mayflower hotel stuff like a month before NBC and CNN started talking about it.


Oh, now it’s getting good!




This is a historic day on the order of 1972.



Who knows with Trump. He might very well fire Mueller if he gets worried enough. He’ll almost certainly at least refuse any subpoenas by him a la Nixon.

But if he does, or especially if he fires the special prosecutor, which technically he can do if I read the law correctly, then he may be subpoenaed by Congress or the Supreme Court. Technically he could refuse either, but Congress would then have grounds to begin impeachment proceedings and eventually remove him from office if both houses have the votes, at which point he becomes a private citizen again.

Whether he, as President, can pardon himself from prosecution as a private citizen is probably so unprecedented that it would likely be heard by the Supreme Court as a matter of constitutional law. But it’s all moot if Congress won’t impeach him, and given the way Congressional Republicans have been fawning and kowtowing to Trump and his cronies, it’s pretty clear they won’t even if Mueller lasts long enough to find something damning. But that could be just in time for midterm elections next year so…

It amazes me that the Founding Fathers toyed with the idea of making the President even more powerful an office than it already is.


Remember when Trump and his children said Comey’s testimony proved Hillary and Lynch broke the law and DJT was exonerated? Seems like just yesterday.


Already the longest year of my life, and we’re not even halfway through it! This is not the way I wanted to make the days last.


The line in the sand has got to be drawn some-fucking-where, hopefully well shy of this fucker actually shooting someone in the middle of a crowded street in broad daylight on Pay-Per-View.


If Trump did anything shady…



The line is a 30% approval rating. Right now he’s at about 36% approval and all non-trump voters are on the 60% disapproval. Any more losses in approval are going to come out of actual trump voters which will give the republicans the safety blanket they need to challenge him.

But don’t count on it happening soon. He did not fuck up the speech about the baseball shooter, so that’s going to give his approval a temporary boost. Maybe he’ll toilet-tweet tomorrow morning though and blow it.



He can order the Attorney General to do it. Supposedly Sessions can’t do it because he’s recused and Rosenstein testified to congress the other day that he would not do it. So Trump would have to fire him and replace him with the next in line. Trump might find someone willing to do it, but he probably won’t because he’s done such a piss-poor job of filling sub-cabinet positions that there aren’t many loyalists in any department, including the DoJ.

Here’s some info on the process:



I figured.

Interesting. Thanks. You just gave me a tiny hope booster.


Sounds like one hell of a Saturday Night.