Robert Mueller speaks: 'There were multiple systematic efforts to interfere in our election'

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“We chose those words carefully and the report speaks for itself.”


A man of few spoken words, but many powerfully written words. I’m not surprised that he’s returning to private life, undoubtedly Mueller is tired of all this.


“Charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider.”

Much ado about nothing…


Maybe I’m missing something here, but in law the written documentation should speak for itself, as a matter of public record and the body of legal record.

The problem of a criminal president is that if he or she is allowed to go unimpeached, such a report can be suppressed and the investigators who contributed to it can themselves be put under investigation. This last part seems to be coming true, and still impeachment has not begun.


I think what he’s basically saying is “I didn’t have the power to hold the President accountable for his actions, congress does. I have overseen an investigation providing the findings congress would need to make such a decision. You got a problem with what happens next, take it up with them.”


Not really - it was evidence of a list of the crimes the president committed, specifically for congress to act upon. That last bit got lost when the report was released (and Barr - then Trump - grossly misrepresented it).


And yet Congress does nothing.

Will Pelosi fail to act?

Packing my bags…


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The end result is the USA still has a Russian President, Donny Two Berderers.


Mueller wasn’t responsible for the result, though. He was responsible for the investigation into what happened. Not his fault if congress chooses not to act on what he found.


Agreed, after 2 years of that shit show, I’d need a vacation too.


I’m continuously aghast that ypu can appoint a new AG in the middle of an investigation…of yourself. And that congress couldn’t get it’s shit together and start the impeachment ball rolling before that happened.


Without the Senates’ vote of approval, no Impeachment of the POTUS can be finalized, it’s a dead in the water / DOA endeavor.


Well, as long as Republicans provide cover for him, yeah. But that means they’re overtly complicit.

I fear the Democrats are taking the wrong lesson from both Clinton and Nixon. Which is: that you can only impeach a president if he’s really not popular (which, in Fox News Land, will never happen), rather than seeing impeachment proceedings as a means of pointing out his crimes to the point where Republicans will be less willing to continue to support him.


That’s still kind of like a cop saying they can’t arrest a suspect they saw committing a crime because he’s so rich and well-connected that he’d just beat the charges in court anyway.


You are repeating what everyone already supposes. That doesn’t take away from the fact that it is Congress’ Constitutional sworn DUTY to begin impeachment proceedings. They took an oath to defend the American Constitution. If Republican Senators wish to deny that oath, so be it. Let the chips fall where they may. If Congress does not begin impeachment proceedings, it is a political calculation, not the other way around.



Okay, but: If you were Nancy Pelosi, wouldn’t you:

– Hold Impeachment Hearings in the House that outline the charges – or, rather, the things the President said he would do, and did, that violate the constitution.
– Pass those to the Senate for resolution
– See Mitch McConnell, evil itself, put the vote up and have his gerrymandered cronies in the Republican Senate vote it down.
– Take the footage of those Republican Senators voting ‘No’ on impeachment and make commercials that say “Senator X is fine with payoffs to porn stars, Russian Election interference, attacks on our democracy and thwarting the courts and the FBI. Are you fine with that?”
– Make those sons-of-bitches own and carry their vote until they get voted out, or, if they don’t get voted out, KEEP RUNNING THE ADS in 2020, 2022, 2024, 2026, ad nauseam as a reminder that this crap will not stand and that Senator X was juuuuuuust fine with the abuse of power and corruption of the law since it meant tax breaks for rich people.

Nancy Pelosi is a spineless weakling, an invertebrate kept upright and mobile only by vast infusions of megadonor money. She’s not going to .upset her gravy train. Which is why she has to step down or face a whooooole lot of wrath from Democrats who expect their representatives to protect the country more than their careers.


Listening to Muller’s remarks, and two things popped into my head:

1.) I wonder if he gets as many death threats as AOC and Ilhan Omar? He sounded ragged.

2.) “We can’t bring federal charges against a sitting president.” -> Donny: “Cool, I’m going to be president for life! Try to stop me bitches!”


Some people had different expectations. Did any media/pundits explain this at the beginning of the investigation?