Pelosi on impeachment: 'We will proceed when we have what we need to proceed. Not one day sooner.'

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I guess that will be when the cash-machine that is opposition to Donald Trump starts to flag and they need to up the dose to keep them coming back? I mean, you don’t risk killing the golden goose with a year and a half left…


What are you waiting for Nancy a rainy day? Cause it is fucking pouring down outside right now.


Pelosi Concerned Outspoken Progressive Flank Of Party Could Harm Democrats’ Reputation As Ineffectual Cowards

You know you are living in a very stupid timeline when the most pecise and concise political commentary is coming from the satirists.









If there isn’t enough votes to carry out impeachment, then the process is basically pointless. And Pelosi is worried a failed impeachment bid is going to HURT Democrat chances in 2020. You know what, she’s probably right. There is only a 37% “for impeachment” in recent polls. That isn’t that high. The American public is either too apathetic or ill-informed to demand it.

Politics is a fucking game. While I am not a huge fan of hers, she is probably right on this move.


Nancy Pelosi: (202) 225-4965

Call me.


At this point, though, you need to lay out a fucking plan. Impeachment isn’t an option at this point, it is an absolute requirement to maintain the rule of law in the United States. So sure, Pelosi shouldn’t communicate that at a presser, but she should fucking communicate it.

  • Public polling opposes impeachment, so here’s what we’re going to do to make the case to the American people, including hearings, reviews of current documents
  • Republicans control the Senate, and wouldn’t convict Trump under any circumstances. Here’s how we’re going to either a) make it painfully clear to them that their political future requires them to join or die, and/or b) flip the senate by pushing public opinion.

Remember, people were generally opposed to impeaching Nixon until it happened.


It’s a measure of her cowardice that she couldn’t add: “but make no mistake about it, it’s not a question of if we proceed but when.”

Just saying that would give liberals and progessives some indication that the Dem leadership isn’t going to fold like a cheap card table in the face of GOP bullying yet again. But no, it’s more wishy-washiness.

[I’ll now sit back and await the usual apologists for the Democratic establishment who’ll tell us how Pelosi is actually a progressive like AOC because she’s pro-choice and supports gay marriage and that she’s a master of 5-D chess]


While I don’t trust politicians as a rule, Pelosi is all we really have right now. So, for my own sanity, I chose to believe she / dems are behind the scenes building an iron-clad case before she / they proceed.

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Personally i don’t believe this to be the case, progressives like Warren, Bernie and AOC might be but Pelosi is part of the established Dems, who are just as corrupt as Trump and have little incentive to impeach. Pelosi and the like are cowards.



Yeah. Getting rid of Trump via impeachment is not happening unless the Republicans have a sudden attack of conscience.

So the question is, when (or if ever) is the best time to start the impeachment, in terms of political impact in the election. That’s a hard question, and I don’t have an answer.

However, I think right now is a bad time. It’s the middle of summer and the election is too far away.


Here is an excellent explanation by Rep Katie Hill of what’s going on. We are in the evidence gathering phase of the investigation. There are numerous ongoing court cases in which important documents about DTs activities are being subpoenaed. This will conclude by September. Given the level of obstruction it makes sense to ensure to have all the evidence before jumping into an irrevocable process.

This is how the rule of law works. And the battle here is not between left and right but between people who support and work within the rule of law and those who work to destroy it.


Yes, but he also has a lot more evidence of him committing a crime. That is why he resigned. Donald owes his life to McGahn who quit instead of firing Mueller. Had he followed orders instead of quitting, the crime of obstruction would have actually happened and clear, vs an attempt that wasn’t carried out.

It’s currently 52%:

And impeachment is the process. The result of impeachment may be removing the president. So yeah, let’s fucking CARRY OUT THE PROCESS.

I don’t give a rat’s flying fuck if the GOP won’t vote him out no matter what the Democrats can prove he’s done illegally. What I care about is that the DEMS care enough for our Democracy to do the right thing and stop worrying about how it “looks” to right wingers, none of who would vote for a Democrat if they were the last politician on earth. This “let’s not make them angry” stuff hasn’t worked. I’d rather we go with “let’s do the right thing even if they won’t.”


I hate Trump and WISH impeachment could lead to his ouster.

But Pelosi is right. Impeachment that leads to nothing would be a WIN for Trump and his GOP. This would simply be the Democrats doing whatever they can to LOSE instead of playing smart for a change to WIN

Vote Trump out in 2020. Vote as many blue senators in as you can every chance you can. This is the only way back to sanity.


Impeachment is a political process, not a legal process. A President doesn’t have to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to be removed from office.


The assumption here is that “not impeaching Trump keeps him from getting a win.”

Impeach or don’t impeach, he and his supporters will declare it a win. They are delusional, living in that fine land of Christian tradition that says no matter what the result, everything means they are right about their beliefs. To not impeach only punishes those who vote for the Democrats and believe in the Constitution to right wrongs and keep presidents honest.

At the very least, there’s zero reason she can’t announce “impeachment hearings” and then drag them out for over a year.


More than that, the process is a public one which means all the crimes and shady behaviour will be exposed in the court of public opinion. As long as the timing is right, impeachment will be the background track to the 2020 election season. But we need to know now that this will be the case.


Yep. a political process that the Democrats are guaranteed to loose in the Senate. It puzzles me why people don’t understand that it makes sense to be tactical rather than emotional in this context and that gathering all the evidence makes sense.

There are ongoing court cases that facilitate the process, which need resources and focus.