Here's Trump's weird graphic about Mueller on the lectern in the Rose Garden

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He has become the human version of this video


Looks like Administration’s 8th attempt at “Infrastructure Week” is going about as well as all the previous ones.


Seems legit to me. If it’s on a sign like that it must be true.


Even if we take the “$35 Million Spent” at face value that’s still only somewhere around a third of what the taxpayers have spent on Trump’s golf trips.

Not to mention that the investigation of Paul Manafort alone ended with Manafort having to fork $42 Million in restitution funds to the taxpayers, so in fact the Mueller investigation actually provided a net profit for the taxpayers.


The number of “Angry Democrats” is waaaaay off IMO.


Can someone explain to me why Pelosi is pushing so hard against impeachment ?

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Because it’s a losing proposition.

The only upside is the investigation but, what ever crawls out as a result it still won’t be enough to turn the Senate. Republicans will play up that the Dems have no other agenda other than taking trump down ahead of 2020. (I’m ok with that but, the knuckle draggers out there will eat it up.)


I find “if you want an infrastructure bill, you’ve got to stop investigating me” extremely reminiscent of discussions with my young children. It’s all backwards. If Trump doesn’t want to be impeached, a big infrastructure bill would be one of the best ways to try to stop it. But Trump has no way of interacting with other people other than threats and flattery. Actually doing things they would like is just not in the president’s repertoire.


And your tax money was spent to make that very weird graphic. (always wanted to deepen my depression with an estimate of how many billions of government money are spent in exact legal opposition to itself. and yes, the lawyers always win)


Pelosi is worried impeachment could turn out to be a tactical mistake that could potentially backfire against Democrats in the next election. On that, she may be correct.

The thing that many of us find frustrating about our political system is that so many elected officials like Pelosi seem to be basing all their decision making on partisan election concerns instead of principle.


I’m seeing article about Democrats feeling vulnerable in the next election.

If the next one is the last one then we are all vulnerable.


Anybody notice that Mr. Conway is playing extra hard for impeachment. Like a little too extra hard.

Hmmmmm. Maybe not too dissimilar from his wife after all.


Came to say the same thing.


I thought I recognized that shade of blue.
It’s handy when POTUS visibly obstructs justice while his lackeys do the same to congress.

When you abdicate your authority and mandate to act as a check on the other two branches in order to secure your seat in an election, just what are you fighting for anyway? Clearly the best interests of the people and the authority of Congress aren’t important to them anymore so it must be all that sweet sweet graft.


It’s just so blatantly transparent that the Republicans really don’t care about the cost. They’re on track to spend nine digits for just Trump’s Mar-a-Lago trips, they’re willing to drop hundreds of billions on a useless wall Trump promised we wouldn’t have to pay for, and we’re supposed to think they’re really concerned about $35 Million to investigate Russia’s interference in our election?


So once again the narcissistic egomaniacal Overgrown Baby in Chief proves he doesn’t give a damn about anything or anyone in the world except himself.
Unfortunately, none of this will make any difference with Republinazi voters, because they have their egoes tied up in this just as much as Cheetolini does. In order to not vote for Trump in 2020, they would have to admit to themselves that voting for him in 2016 was a mistake, and they’re such a pack of goons they’d rather see the entire country ruined than confess.


Because she’s a US politician, which means she’s a corporate whore whose first priority is and will always be servicing the big business interests that provide the juciest bribes. They’re making money hand over fist because of Cheetolini, and she’s afraid if she takes down their cash cow they’ll turn on her the next time she’s up for reelection.

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The knuckle draggers will believe it, anyway, even without impeachment. They eat a completely fact-free informational diet.


I thought 2018 was the referendum on Trump, already. We voted, he lost, get him out!


I will confess it took me longer to realize the Republicans don’t actually want smaller government. It’s just a hook. They spend just as much if not more, just on different stuff.

I still see fools spreading memes about how Trump is so cool for donating his salary and shit.