'All roads lead to Putin' - Pelosi on Trump as House holds off on impeachment vote

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Hey Nancy… Grow a goddamn spine already. The Republicans don’t give a crap about the hair leaders behavior. Open the hearings so the public will get to know the full story. Fuck your ‘fellow congress people of the other party’ and just show the public the info and let them vote those assholes out.


Even in the press conference with Zelensky during the UN week, President Biff used Putin as an unsubtle threat. Just look at Zelensky’s face when Trump talks about setting up a 1:1 with his good friend Vlad.


I do not understand why the house and senate leaders have such control over not having votes.


This whole press conference is really a must see from start to finish.

My favorite part by far was when Speaker Pelosi rolled her eyes while saying, in regards to the president violating his oath to uphold and preserve the constitution she said, while rolling her eyes “… wait… to the best of his ability. Up hold to the best of his ability. And, well with this president, who knows.”

She might as well have pointed her finger at her temple and made the circle-he’s-nuts gesture.


Perfect definition of “death by a thousand cuts”, Sorry tRump Criminal Org. and Donny Two Burgers, you going to wait for the final nail in your collective coffin.


Its like watching half of a game of chess. Pelosi is choosing her timing with careful precision, its just not obvious who shes really playing against.


Yeah, if the public didn’t already know the full story. But I’m pretty sure we do. So unless it starts to look like the Senate would actually do something with an impeachment, there’s very little to be gained by the House handing the microphone to Mitch McConnell.

If they don’t ever vote to impeach that’s another matter. But I can’t see any reason why they’d make it quick and painless, even if Pelosi wasn’t trying (too hard) to avoid appearing zealous to “swing voters”.


Us, the voters. Pretty sure she’s playing against us.

When you play the game primarily for your own benefit, and then secondarily for the benefit of the party, you leave the voters to run about and pick up any scraps they can grab.


When it comes to Pelosi, I’m in the “I’m with her!” camp. Remember how she smacked him down within a month of taking up the gavel, by uninviting him from the State of the Union speech?

I think she waited to start the impeachment process because she’s very good at calculating risk, and I think she would never have started it unless she had a solid assessment that the chances had finally broken in favor of it.

I don’t care to argue whether or not my trust in her is misplaced; we’ll see clearly enough within 13 months whether I’m right or wrong.


Pelosi said Trump as the House investigates: “all roads lead to Putin.”

This sentence is less than clear. Perhaps Pelosi said of Trump? Also, what’s the deal with the colon? Have we no commas kicking around somewhere?


Yeah! How dare a legislative body first do a proper investigation with wide collection of facts and accounts followed by a diligent and complex analyses and use that to build a broad political and popular support before putting it to the vote. That is no way to run a country!

That is not how Trump would do it! Or Putin.


Yup. There are a lot of leftists and liberals online who seem to be in a “Leeroy Jenkins” mood, ie. they want ACTION, and they want it NOW, never mind what’s wise or effective.


In some ways, yes, I know you are right.

In other ways, I want to see Pelosi arresting and holding people until they comply with subpoenas. I want it to be made quite clear that Trump doesn’t get to decide not to comply with them. I want to see people rotting in jail until they comply.

I want everyone in the country, including the FOX idiots, to understand that the president is being investigated under the color of the rule of law for many, many crimes; and that this investigation is legal, constitutional, and valid. The constitution is not just whatever Trump says it is right now.

A criminal does not get the option of not participating in their trial.

I want Trump and the Senate Republicans to finally get it through their thick skulls that rule of law applies to them, as well.

And that is the problem; never before have we had a president who has acted so far outside the rule of law, and never before has anyone gotten away with it. We need to firmly and without mercy establish the expectation that the Rule of Law is absolute within the United States; that the Executive Branch is held in check by the legislative and judicial branches, and that the President is an elected administrator, not a dictator or a king.


Seems reasonable to expect that Donny and his Comrades, er, “Pals” will find some other crimes while she waits, or that still others may burble up like swamp gas. Everything has been moving really fast, as politics go. I’m almost tired of winning!

Can’t imagine DJT is sleeping well at all. Rudy either, if he is aware of what’s going on (50/50 on that one.) I’m not against them having a bad night or ten, nor certain Congresscritters sweating about how their electorate falls, and if it’s the same direction as the poll numbers.

“See? Both sides are as bad as Putin!”

Fucking yawn

What’s wise and effective is to remove Trump from office before this fecal exhibition gets even worse. How much more evidence do you need? He’s interfered in elections, plural.

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How does…

Pelosi says @RepWilson gave her a bracelet in orange, the color of gun violence prevention, made of bullets

— Tal Kopan (@TalKopan) October 15, 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is wearing a bracelet with a bullet and orange beads — and says she won’t stop bringing up the need to pass legislation expanding background checks for gun purchases. Talks with the White House have stalled. pic.twitter.com/KmYz1exTsI

— Natalie Andrews (@nataliewsj) October 15, 2019

…relate to this story about Trump’s impeachment progress? Or was it just sucked up in Xeni’s tweet trawl to “write” this story? Not sure why we needed 4 different tweets to tell us Pelosi was sitting with the press corps, either - well, not without some insight as to why this was significant, but the post does not address that.

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Of course " all roads lead to Putin"-- you think Trump abandoned the Kurds for no reason?


Right, she knows that the GOP controls the Senate and is very very unlikely to remove him from office.

But that’s not important when you consider there’s an election coming up and the more turds that fall out of Donnie’s pants the better. The GOP milked Benghazi for four years hoping it would damage Hillary Clinton and didn’t produce anything. The impeachment investigation of Trump has already produced damning evidence and just has to keep going for another year, and not only will it damage him it will damage the GOP-- Republican congressmen who are up for re-election in divided districts are in a tough spot, you can’t play to the base AND play to the middle with this.