Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns at request of Donald Trump, forced out less than 24 hours after midterm elections


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“Paging Mr. Scott Walker…Scott Walker please pick up the white courtesy phone for a call from the President…” --Becasue there is nothing in this administration so bad that 45 can’t make it worse. Or maybe Kobach.


I’d be happier if I didn’t know it won’t get any better.


Muller is next.


Exactly. Someone who is not tied to Russia will be the replacement.


Surprising hopefully nobody and expect Trump to do a Friday night massacre to get rid of the Investigation.

Meanwhile at the White House:



Elmer Woodard is waiting for his phone to ring.


They know that Mueller’s train is coming down the tracks and that the real effort to derail it starts now.


So begins what history will remember as “the afternoon of tiny hands.”


People have been mentioning the idea that Kobach will be the next AG since he it became clear he was going to lose the election. I suspect so…


Time to break out the rabbit ears.


It’s like cleaning up a prohibited house party before the parents get home in January.


I think Lindsey Graham has been angling for Session’s seat for awhile. His uncharacteristic and full throated support for Trump ever since John McCain died…


TOS is entirely too cool to be compared with the Charlie Fox at the WH. But I love the GIF!


If it wasn’t Trump I would agree, but with him I wouldn’t be surprised if he chooses Dana Rohrabacher.


Hopefully it’ll suggest something of an end for Senor manos pequitos, like more along the lines of a “Twilight of Tiny Hands”


This is the one in which the little elf on the shelf gives up his senate seat, sucks up to a mushroom to get said mushroom elected, lets president mushroom shit on him for two years and then gets kicked out of the briar patch. Classic Disney!


I hear Kim Davis is looking for a job too…


He didn’t even bother waiting for Friday now that he knows he can count on the Senate to stand with him no matter what.


The upside to Kris Kobach being named AG is that he is so incompetent as a lawyer that judges ordered him to remedial classes to learn the law (maybe for the first time)

Sessions was competent, but an evil sack of crap. I doubt Trump can obtain even that level of ability from future minions.