Two GOP lawmakers: "It's time for Jeff Sessions to go"

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So, they want to get rid of Sessions because he isn’t helping dismiss the Trump / Russia investigation?

Not because he’s a racist authoritarian?


Exactly. They’re right, but for the exact wrong reasons.


That’s the only reason why he still has his job :frowning_face:


The Rebel State of California says fu@k you to Weasel Sessions.


Yep. They want a Saturday Night Massacre.


He should never have been in the position he is in, in the first place. He should be in jail for lying to the Senate confirmation hearing folks.


Both Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein have said they won’t dismiss Mueller as special counsel. Trump would have to fire both of them, then Rachel Brand would have to decide if she wants to be remembered by history as selling out her country. If she obeys her conscience, then Trump would have to fire her as well to get at Mueller.

This was no accident…

Higdon, who goes by Bobby, is Trump’s pick for U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina, one of 94 districts that fall under the Department of Justice. Because of an executive order that Trump signed in March, the person who fills the position in that particular district joins the line of succession for overseeing the Justice Department. If Trump calls for the removal of special counsel Robert Mueller and enough officials recuse themselves, resign in protest or lose their jobs before carrying out the order, the decision could become Higdon’s.


Or that he’s trying to use federal jurisdiction to overturn states making marajuana legal and thus decreasing tax revenue while increasing drain on now shrunk taxpayer dollars?

Jeff Sessions is unfortunately all too human. Yet at the same time not at all humane.


As good as Sessions would look behind bars, encouraging Congress’s power to jail people for “contempt” of Congress is a Faustian bargain.


If they’re so concerned about transparency; they could release the Fusion GPS testimony transcript.


This was aimed directly at California. I wonder if Sessions has read “Little Brother”?

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“Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the Russia investigation, but it would appear he has no control at all of the premier law enforcement agency in the world.”

So they are the premier law enforcement agency in the world but they have acted in a bewildering manner with their investigation? They are the greatest law enforcement agency there is but they need to be reigned in by the secretary that oversees them?

These guys are really trying to have it both ways. If you are going to call out the FBI for being shit, you can’t do it while calling them the best in the world.

I don’t think so. Congress should jail people for contempt of congress if they lie to congress or refuse to answer questions without reason, especially when those people are members of the administration. They should jail sessions until he is willing to stop saying, “I don’t recall” and answer them. They are supposed to be exercising oversight over the executive branch, not meekly sitting by and saying, “Well, they are just going to lie to us, so we can’t do anything.”

Such charges should be incredibly rare, but they should be rare because few people should have the guts to tell straight up lies to a congressional investigation.


If I believed for a second that it would stop with there then I’d agree. But things like the HUAC have shown it wouldn’t, and politicians are the kind of people who would see no problem with using it on journalists if it were to become normalized. Congress should remain a political institution, not a judicial or law enforcement body.


Are you sure? He really does look like a cute little hand puppet.

I think if congress starts jailing journalists it will be because they are obeying the administration. I see their willingness to let Sessions lie to them as part of that obedience. Granting members of the administration licence to lie to congress is a much shorter path to authoritarianism than holding them to account would be.


I’m not sure I agree. Not everyone lies to those in power because they too are a weasel in power like Sessions. For me, it’s a matter of how the normalization of contempt of Congress charges could backfire in the long run when 45 and his cronies are a bad memory. But I take you’re point and I don’t think it’s a simple issue, so it’s something I’ll contemplate.


Jess Sessions is an asshole on every possible measure and in every possible dimension. Seriously, he’s the public figure with the least amount of redeeming qualities. And I include Trump in that.

He’s worse than Trump. Sounds impossible, but I think its true, because Trump’s lack of convictions about anything other than himself limits the damage he can do.

Sessions is like Trump with focus, and that’s a very, very bad thing!


“This is the last and greatest treason
To do the right deed for the wrong reason” [Murder in the Cathedral].

Eliot was arguing that politicians must act from ethical motives, not desire for fame or power. To which I sadly observe, fifty years after seeing the play for the first time, “Good luck with that.”


They’re being mini-Trumps here. Trump must be causing whiplash to everyone in the FBI he changes position so completely and quickly, “The FBI are a bunch of Nazis persecuting me because they’re so partisan… they’re the greatest and they all love me so much… they’re corrupt and a laughingstock who need to be purged…”