Trump's Russia inquiry lawyer quits


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Conspiracy wins.


Is this what happens when your lawyer says “do not congratulate” and you immediately congratulate?


I’ll never not be delighted that the biggest danger to Trump is Trump’s own frightening idiocy.


I think this might be what happens when your lawyer finally decides that no amount of ‘billable hours’ is worth all this never-ending insanity.



Trump is clearly going to fire Mueller


Rats deserting a sinking ship. Look for more semi-responsible people to head for the exits, and his cabinet to be populated by (even more) irresponsible folks than currently do. Look for the conspiracy mongering new addition to the legal team to take increasing control of the circus.


Yay!!! With Twump bringing on diGenova we’ll actually be able to watch a conspiracy theory defense!

BTW, that is my most fav Twump gif. I can just hear the wheeze.


Totally off topic but I didn’t know Cheetos makes popcorn. My initial reaction is eww.


This presidency feels like a bad reboot of Dr. Faustus. He sells his soul for power and then squanders it doing more and more petty, stupid shit. Eventually it all comes crashing down and the devil comes back for his soul.

I just wish the rest of the country weren’t along for the hand basket ride.


I keep seeing headlines claiming this.
He can’t fire Mueller any more than he can fire a guy who made his cheeseburger wrong at McDonalds.

What he can do is to order the Attorney General to fire Mueller, which he also can’t do, since Sessions is recused from the investigation. He can try to get Rosenstein (the assistant) to fire him, but as he’s repeatedly thrown the guy under the bus, that’s likely not happening either.

What he’d likely have to do is fire Sessions, fire Rosenstein, and go through the process of confirming a new Attorney General in order to get Mueller fired.




Agreed…I feel like perhaps Mr Dowd realizes now that no amount of money will change a fully destroyed reputation and perhaps…a cozy little space at Ft. Leavenworth?


ETA. My response here is INCORRECT. I kept the post intact as others may learn from the responses to mine by Jerwin and John_c

I think he would just have to fire Sessions and appoint a current cabinet member to AG, who can then fire Mueller. My understanding is that once you’re in the cabinet, you do not need a second confirmation.


Presumably the acting AG could fire Mueller between Sessions & Rosenstein’s firing and the confirmation of a new AG.


regardless of the actual process to initiate this end result (as others detail above)…

It is absolutely clear that Lindsey Graham is correct in asserting this action would truly be the beginning of the end of his presidency.


I’m fascinated. I’m not sure in what universe someone would think that hiring someone with extremist conspiracy-theory ideas would make their defense seem more believable.


Man, Trump is such a threat to America. Smh. How did it come to this?


Based on his character and actions, I think the argument could be made that the true beginning of the end was when the man left the dais on January 20th, 2017.