EFF is liveblogging the Jeff Sessions Attorney General confirmation hearing


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Jeff Sessions Attorney General confirmation hearing



I actually have to wonder if the GOP is trolling with these nominations, to distract us from something even worse.


Racists will rejoice tonight.

"Mr. Sessions has been in the Senate for nearly 20 years and is liked by his colleagues. Moderate Republicans and at least one Democrat have already said that they will vote for him, which all but guarantees his confirmation. " NYT


Jeff Beck’s latest release, ‘Loud Hailer’ is worth a listen as well. The first track: “The Revolution Will Be Televised” is relevant.


No, I think they’re deliberately choosing the most destructive person possible for each job, the candidate whose intentions are counter to the office’s duties, to destroy and erase as much of what Obama’s done as they can, no matter what. I genuinely believe that’s their single goal.

A Secretary of Education who hates public education and wants to transform it into a voucher-based private Christian school system? A Secretary of the Treasury who’s a Goldman-Sachs exec? An EPA Secretary who is currently suing the EPA?


Not just what Obama’s done, but in a quest to basically dismantle the government except the military. They are throwing shoes into the system. Most Republicans believe all the governing should be done at the state level.


…and a president who hates the United States of America.


A Secretary of Energy who wants to abolish the Dept. of Energy, when he can remember what it’s called.


I knew I’d forgotten an important one!


Of course not! He loves America, and wants to make it great again!

He just hates its constitution, its traditions, and 99% of its population.







Didn’t we have a war on that subject?


So far?


And everybody knows the good guys lost…
You were referring to the recent unpleasantness in the voting booths, right?



That tweet really pisses me off. My brother is adopted, and this kind of questioning the legitimacy of families such as mine is absolute crap, no matter who it’s aimed at.


I prefer this:



He brought his lunch to save the tax payers money.

Sure to inspire a new Netflix series called “House of Shit”.