Sen. Kennedy scowls on Black woman in SCOTUS: nominee should know 'a law book from a J.Crew catalog'

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So charming. It’s hard to believe that they feel a need to cheat to win elections with charms like that. /s


Well, if they can just secure the vote so the wrong people are excluded, these charms are just ducky.


Racism, fascism, and hypocrisy. There are few better representatives of the modern GOP than this turd.


Kennedy is up for re-election this November. If Louisiana gets their (our) shit together, hopefully we won’t have to listen to his racist idiocy much longer

Currently the Dems aren’t really working hard to oust him despite that he’s never been popular. And he’s a fucking moron


J Crew still makes a catalog?!


Sadly, I have become increasingly convinced that the Dems are either, on the one hand, so comfortable with the status quo that they really aren’t willing to work to change it (centrists) or, OTOH, have a sort of abuse victim learned helplessness and just can’t see how things can ever change (way too many progressives.) I don’t know how to fix it broadly, so I focus on local stuff where I might have some small bit of influence. I just don’t know…



No, not a stutter.

Seems it’s his go-to phrase:

"…it should be noted that Kennedy has uttered variations on this phrase a few times before. In 2019, for example, while discussing whether then-President Donald Trump had the authority to declare a national emergency over the border wall, Kennedy told Fox News that, “Past presidents have used the National Emergencies Act 60 times. Anybody who knows an L.L. Bean catalog from a law book knows, ultimately, the U.S. Supreme Court will give us guidance on this.”

"And he used J. Crew as a comparison again in February 2020 while discussing the first impeachment articles against Trump. “Anyone who knows a law book from a J. Crew catalog does not take this charge seriously.” -MarketWatch


“No. 2. I want a nominee who’s not going to try to rewrite the Constitution every other Thursday to try to advance a ‘woke agenda.’”

Nobody with a brain cares what you want you old white racist bigot asshole.


Kennedy is absolutely a racist, but I’m not sure he has the intellectual capacity to remember some DC fashion wonk-blog post criticizing Michelle Obama from 2010 to the point it eclipses his lazy old misogyny chestnuts. ‘Cause girls like clothes… get it!?!

On the other hand…


Also, can we just be done with any Kennedys at this point? And Bushes? And trumps? Why isn’t my liberal cancel culture button working, damnit?


I believe that this particular Kennedy asshole is unrelated to that other Kennedy asshole (not to mention the dead ones who are apparently rising from the grave to support Il Douche.)


one problem is, despite all the money that flows in the presidential election years, during the off years that money dries up and when democrats try to raise more money for those elections the media story is along the lines of “those democrats are just as bad at republicans, all they do is try to raise money from big donors.” then, given that the median voter has no clue as to how pretty much any part of the political process works they either flip a coin at the election site or they stay home.

if you were to ask 10 average individuals on the street a set of five questions like–

what house of congress is joe manchin in?

the senate

what can joe biden do as president to overcome the filibuster?


what party is using the filibuster to prevent the build back better bill?

the republican party aka the american death cult

can you name which state or which party kyrsten sinema represents?


i guarantee, unless you were asking 10 random people coming out of a political convention, there would be fewer than five who could answer more than two of the questions correctly and it would be a miracle if you had even one who answered all five correctly.

we live in the country of the “low-information voter” and the death cult has worked hard to make that level of information even lower. the helplessness isn’t learned so much as it has been bludgeoned in.


Yeah, no relation, but he and RFK Jr sure aren’t helping the brand any.


All of that plus the fact that the Democratic Party, for better or worse, is the only “big tent” party left. The “disarray” we see isn’t really about dysfunction per se (though there’s plenty of that… looking at you, Schumer!), but the fact that it has to encompass an incredibly broad swathe of the electorate while the other party has the advantage(?) of catering to an ever-dwindling and culturally myopic base. It’s one of the primary ills of the two-party system that the GQP have been actively exacerbating since Gingrich showed them that intransigence and bad-faith rhetoric were perfectly acceptable to their base.

Hope inspires and comforts, but fear and rage gets people to the polls.


It’s rather amusing to watch just how triggered the usual suspects are by Biden’s announcement. They accuse anyone to the left of Romney of being a “snowflake”, but…wow. Talk about projection. They’ve been gnashing their teeth and rending their garments over this for days now. Actually, if she is seated, they’ll be doing it for decades.

They even still get all worked up over…BORK and Thomas…and of course Kavanaugh. They can hold a grudge over the smallest of things.


I wish. The corporate media isn’t done with its worship of dynasties and trying to turn another mediocrity into a crown prince by a longshot. Just the other day…


I wasn’t convinced the J Crew reference itself was racist. But I remain absolutely convinced that the implication that Biden’s pick will be inherently incapable of telling the difference because she is a Black woman is extremely racist and sexist. He could’ve picked the whitest mail order catalog imaginable…Mayonnaise Express…and it’d still be a racist dig against the very idea that a Black woman has a place in the SC.


But what if she likes beer? Will that make her good enough for him to vote for her?


Yeah. There’s a lot of competition for dumbest sitting Senator, but this guy is definitely in the conversation.


a ‘woke agenda.’"

Oh, he means what we call “justice”.

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