Robert Mueller will testify before Congress on July 17

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Mueller agreed to testify after being subpoenaed to do so.


I know the guy deserves a quiet retirement, but I’m glad he’s complying with the subpoenas. Maybe it’ll light a fire under the Dem fence-sitters and ditherers regarding impeachment.


Clean underpants to Mr Barr’s office please.


I’d agree - however his fence sitting and desire to ‘say’ something without actually saying it is allowing the spin doctors to wither away any public tolerance for justice.

If he wants a quiet retirement he really can cut the dog and pony show short with a either of the following:

A: "I laid out the evidence for impeachment and believe there is plenty - do your job as I can’t use the evidence to indict.


B: “The report says what it says if you want to read into it - I don’t think a case could be made for impeachment but that’s not my call”

Either of them shuts this entire thing down - instead we get to dance around the I word like it’s some kid trying to see how many ways they can say ‘fuck’ in front of their parents without really saying it.


He’s a lawyer. He’s going obfuscate every time they ask him a direct question. But Nadler and Schiff (especially Nadler) should be able to get enough out of him to make one of those things clear enough.


So does this mean it will be a joint committee hearing with all members of both committees?

Also, can Mueller be obstructed by the White House or DOJ on this? Executive Privilege is out and the redacted parts of the report are obviously off the table, but that leaves a whole lot of territory that seems to be untouchable. Are they just going to straight up shoot him on 5th Avenue?

Edited for clarity and because RTFA. Back-to-back hearings followed by closed-door interviews with his staff. Squeee!!!




About fucking time. I know he’s taken boatloads of crab for this very difficult job - but this is one of the most important parts of that job.

Guess I get to light my Robert Mueller prayer candle - finally!



About fuckin’ time!


Another closed door session. Oh boy.

The press release from the Judiciary Committee and Select Intelligence Commitee says Muller will be testifying in open session.


Holy shit, that Doug Collins statement: “Democrats have neglected their responsibility to safeguard future elections from foreign interference.” Democrats? Really? “May this testimony bring to House Democrats the closure that the rest of America has enjoyed for months…” Closure on obstruction of justice, Douggy? “…and may it enable them to return to the business of legislating.” I think the Democrats are doing just fine with legislating. They’re not the ones with the problem in that regard. So much projection.


It says a lot about how much the current administration has lowered expectations for basic compliance with the law that there was even any question whether Mueller would “agree” to testify after being served with a congressional subpoena.


The sad and horrible thing about all this is that, at the end of the day, Rudy will have been correct in his assessment.


“I can neither confirm nor deny that the President is an egregious bell-end; that is the job of Congress. I have merely collated the available evidence.”

@Shuck That statement from Collins has a “stop hitting yourself” feel to it; like any interaction with amoral bullies.


Part of me suspects that the long drawing out of the process is because the true evil bastard, Mitch McConnell, is the real obstacle. That the goal is to make McConnell’s scorched earth corruption so obvious that the Republicans will also throw him under the bus. Make it close enough to the elections that they too feel the heat. His grip on them is still too tight, since Republicans are at heart greedy cowards who he knows how to manipulate.

Really, the man has no morals and no shame. President Biff is just an incompetent Zaphod Beeblebrox, providing cover for the scheming asshole Senate Majority Leader.


EVERY Democratic questioner must start with this- “President Trump has been claiming that your report TOTALLY EXONERATES him. Is this true?”. We all know the answer, but the country needs to hear it from him, directly.


If I were a betting man, I would make a large bet that absolutely nothing comes of this. Mueller can’t be intimidated, he’s smarter than everybody else in Congress, and he’s seriously professional. He’s not going to say anything that isn’t in his report.

This is going to help Trump.


[stage whisper]

trump’s not the only corrupt one

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