Mueller subpoenas Trump Organization, demands Russia documents


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Nice, Mr T will be incandescent with rage about this, this could be the final act of Mueller investigation one way or another.


Trumpster fire suddenly explodes in a completely different direction. Look at that!


That second part was a joke, right?


A lot of talk of firing Mueller lately. Wonder if timing of this subpoena is to make such a firing look even more suspicious (and thus avoided).


That’s going to just ruin Donnie’s “executive time” - and he gets cranky without a nap.


PLEASE, oh please, do not ever use “Mr. T” to refer to Dolt 45. Lawrence Tureaud has NEVER done anything to deserve such a hideous travesty!


Speaking of the Mueller investigation, remember that George Nader guy who beat charges for child porn in the US back in the 80s? Turns out he actually served time in Prague for a number of pedophilia charges back in 2003.


Speaking of textbook ad hominem…


Drinks are on jesus today!




My god. I’ve just realized. The parade he wants. . . there’s only one possible source for the paper confetti that’ll be used, isn’t there.


“Andrew McCabe is at the Justice Department now, making the case why he shouldn’t be fired” -CNN

Good luck with that dude! Timing is not on your side today.



The President’s going to be so mad, he’ll tweet mean things! “I said red line,” he screamed, stamping his little foot.


Don’t open the box marked “Novichok”.


I doubt Mueller is the type to go fishing. There must be something specific he wants, I bet, and if he doesn’t get it, there may be consequences.


Couldn’t you institute a new tradition that an impeached president get to do a walk of shame through Washington? For everyone’s sanity, let him keep his clothes though.


All I can say is Mr Mueller…wear latex gloves, you have NO IDEA where those documents have been. I mean, I know urine is technically sterile and all…but still.