James Comey will testify before Senate one month before election, because 2020 wasn't 2016 enough already

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James Comey is subhuman filth.

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i think that goes a little too far. how about “useful idiot”?


He gave up his human dignity in the name of promoting fascism.

In fact being director of the FBI pretty much makes him a fascist by default.

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I’m not sure if this is a good idea for the GOP. Wasn’t James Comey the one the dropped the word about an investigation Hillary Clinton was implicated in just before the 2016 election?

I’d think that after being publicly humiliated by being fired just because he was trying to clear my President’s good name involving Russian collusion. He just might have some grudges to settle.

My God! What if he tells the complete truth about both incidents? It could be worse than making sure every eligible voter actually voted in the US. No Republican would ever be elected if that happened. I’m not exaggerating either. Everybody including my President who is the first one I ever heard say it out loud is talking about it.

I expect nothing but the best grandstanding from Rs since they’ve had 4 years to polish their skills.

pardon my edit but ftfy

Or he’s a dedicated civil servant who made a human error in judgment at the worst possible time. I remain completely depressed, horrified, and angered about the results of his unbelievably boneheaded 2016 decision, but I’m also convinced that he was trying to do what he saw as his duty.

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Comey delivered 2016 to Donny Boy. Do not listen to him now.


Why not?

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