Actually, James Comey is not your homie


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I am no fan of Comey, for exactly the reasons cited in the article.

But I may buy his book, if only to bedevil ⊥rump :smiling_imp:


Forget about “this close to an election” why is the DOJ making any announcement of who is under investigation? Sure, if you find wrong doing then go ahead and press charges but until you do, the only reason to announce that sort of thing is political.


Comey vs. Trump is a lot like Cruz vs. Trump, an argument between two assholes who hate each other. Comey seems to have a bit of a more discerning mind than Cruz, but not by much, and his judgement is certainly questionable at best.


I’m looking forward to when President Gillibrand and Vice-President Booker clean all this up after 2020.


"Actually, James Comey is not your homie..."

He "never was, cuz."



Regardless, he was dissin my girl. :rage:


As people have opportunistically been in favor or against whatever scandalous news of the FBI each day brought over the last year, it always amazes me that people forget it’s the friggin’ FBI. They are cops, not your friends.


Whatever his faults, I will give Comey props for being willing to cop to behavior that many, many people across the political spectrum were indulging in 2016.


Josh Marshall has been on this for a while:



First of all:

Comey- Lifelong Republican

Wray- Lifelong Republican *

Rosenstein- Lifelong Republican *

Sessions- Lifelong Republican *

Berman- Lifelong Republican *

Mueller- Lifelong Republican

Burr- Lifelong Republican

Ryan & McConnell- Lifelong Republicans

*Trump Appointees


The FBI are America’s political secret police. They were founded to suppress left wing activism, and that is still what they do.

Some history:



For a guy who hates Amazon so much he sure is helping them move a lot of books. Fire and Fury remained a top seller for weeks.



There’s plenty of shitty black bloc anarchist groups that run around smashing windows and stuff that would qualify as ‘kind of an antifa ideology’. Being anti-authoritarian is not necessarily always a social good, either; I don’t really have any problem with the FBI investigating these places.

I still find it bizarre that there’s an ongoing idea that ‘leftist = good all the time’ when in reality, there’s a lot of shitty people on all sides of the political spectrum. There’s been legitimate leftist massacres and other horrific things; PETA is pretty left wing and are shitstains that kidnap and murder pets. Extreme environmentalists like ELF are not excusable members of society.

I’m pretty far goddamn left too; I’m in favor of more social programs, including ones that are more radical like UBI. I’m concerned about the future of things in a world of automation.

I dunno. This isn’t necessarily pointed at you so much as a frustration with current discussion threads and topics in more left-leaning portions of the internet like Reddit, just a good jumping place for a rant.


Nobody is my homie.

Not Mueller.
Not Comey.
Not even The Atlantic.


He repeatedly lied to the public during his feud with Apple over backdooring phones. I would certainly not assume that anything is in any way likely to be true just because he said it, but if Trump says he’s lying about something, that’s a pretty good sign he’s telling the truth about that.


Only Fred Rogers was a saint. Comey ain’t my homey for sure, but I do so love watching Republicans go after each other with the same bullshit they’ve been aiming at liberals for the last thirty plus years. Give me a bowl of popcorn and I’ll try not to chortle while I’m eating.


Yeah, thousands of species are extinct and the planet is fucked beyond repair, but some kids burned down some empty buildings and we can’t forget that private property is sacred /s


Yeah they’re literally domestic terrorists. Are you seriously defending them or is this just internet trolling?

If you’re actually defending them, then it pretty much proves my point about how frustrating modern leftist discussion has gotten that literal terrorists are defended.