FBI investigating Trump campaign's Russia links, says no info supports Trump's wiretapping claims


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It’ll be interesting to see what the report says. Good to remember that regardless of the outcome of the FBI investigation, there are many ongoing issues that, while probably not as serious in terms of the Nixonian criminality as colluding with a hostile foreign power to manipulate one’s own election (which, hey, Nixon actually did), are still so incredibly serious as to justify impeachment by any standards of a normal presidency. Not that anything’s normal.


I’m watching the hearing live. Who would have thought it’s possible to conduct government business entirely in subtext?


It won’t matter. No matter what the investigation turns up. If its bad or even criminal Trumpers will just say “Its all fixed”


If the FBI does prosecute over collusion with Russia (which is a big if), it won’t matter to his core supporters, but it’ll matter a lot to everyone else to the point that it might be enough to terrify the Senate into action. If that goes down, they’d be in a position of having to make the call between what’ll protect their asses in the next election, and I bet, on some reflection, they’ll nail the guy who was insulting virtually all of them, and was a raging asshole to their top leadership a few months ago. After the tax cuts/gutting of Obamacare, of course so they can blame it all on Trump. I imagine they’re just waiting for the right opportunity to pull the trigger on a Pres. Pence anyway - Trump’s destroying their brand and their future seats.



Can we start calling this failed president a lame duck yet, or is that still a little premature?


They might be looking in the wrong direction. This admin does nothing so much as they project. Who were/are they wiretapping, and I don’t mean the NSA hoovering up everything, I mean specific, targeted individuals for blackmail ala Hoover.


That is, if Comey says a lot, makes a lot of news on Russia matters, and cheers a lot of anti-Trump hearts by maximally embarrassing the President for his outrageous comments on Obama’s alleged wiretapping of Trump Tower, that will very likely be a sign that Comey has relatively little to protect in terms of investigative equities in the Russia matter and is thus free to vent. Conversely, a quiet, reserved Comey—one whose contrast with the relatively loquacious FBI director who talked at length about the Clinton email matters will infuriate a lot of liberals and frustrate those who want to know what’s going on with Russia—may well spell trouble for the President.

Also, Rogers used his opening statement in front of the committee to promote 702 and 12333. Always. Be. Closing.


I guess 45 is watching.


I wonder if FoxNews threw that one on the screen recently… If that’s the best spin he can pull off for this, he is so gloriously hosed.


Oh, look, he just flagrantly lied:


OMG, this has been the best thing I’ve seen in months:

Looking forward to the transcript.


Comey: There is no evidence that Obama or his administration had President-elect Trump under surveillance.

Trumper: I knew it! Hillary got to Comey!


So… what is American for “Kremlinology”?


I guess Trump will be firing him soon. Saturday Night Massacre - Part Deux.?


я не люблю вас ямз комей
я не люблю ваш строгий вид

(From Pushk_t_in’s famous poem The Orange Hairpiece)


OK this is an overcomplicated joke so by definition not funny.
Pushkin’s poem has the lines about St Petersburg:
I love you, creation of Peter
I love your stern, well-proportioned view.
This turns on a bad pun on Pushkin/Putin and reads
I do not like you, James Comey
I do not like your stern appearance.
I will see myself out, thanks.

Bronze horseman:

Orange hairpiece: