Comey asked Justice Dept. for money and manpower to investigate Russia/Trump days before he was fired: NYT


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It’s not the crime that get ya, it’s the coverup.


its all a coincidence. waves hands


“I will keep saying this until you shut up.”


Of course it’s a coincidence.

It just so happens that Hillary’s emails are paramount in the day-to-day governance of our nation, and the time to fire Comey was now, because her emails.


And while we’re at it, we might want to look into this Benghazi matter I’ve been hearing so much about.


It’s amazing both that Trump thought that blaming the firing on Comey’s publicly addressing the discovery of Hilary’s (additional) emails would be a good excuse (given that he had obviously no problem with it before) and that, reportedly, he was surprised the firing became such a big deal. I know Trump is an idiot who believe we’re dumber than he is, and he has no knowledge of anything, including how the destruction of the Nixon administration went down (leading to him repeating key events), but you’d think that someone in this administration would have given him the heads-up.


We must get to the bottom of Whitewater!


Comey asked Justice Dept. for money and manpower to investigate Russia/Trump days before he was fired: NYT

Yep, that’s what I thought. tRump and his Nazi / TGOP don’t / can’t have that…


I’ve been having thoughts along these lines too.

It’s as though people in the administration think they are Machiavellian, but in a way that holds water only if everyone involved has an IQ of 85 or below.


More like Swamp water


Yeah, it seems like Trump may be the biggest idiot in the White House, but he’s far from the only one. Some of the (relatively) smarter people like Bannon also don’t seem to give a fuck about their schemes being seen through or causing chaos as the responses aren’t what the president expects. He’s also about exerting power (what are you going to do about it?) and fucking things up.




“Lightly” marked with malevolence.


Remember that this move of blatant self interest was done by a man who is operating under the assumption that Presidents are immune from prosecution for conflicts of interest.


Trump has the $$$ (and possible offshore banking access) to keep things covered up as long as the GOP has its hands out.


I’m guessing that giving heads up in this administration is a dicey proposition at best.


Reading some of the recently published articles informed by the many, many leaks from inside the White House, it sounds like people around Trump tried to get him to wait to fire Comey because they knew it would look bad. Trump, being a reactive toddler, couldn’t be convinced - he had to strike out now - and didn’t even inform everyone he should have, leaving parts of the White House reeling. Trump’s cognitive issues really do make him dangerous - including to himself.

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