In bizarre tweet, Trump says those investigating him told him to fire Comey

Another hypothesis: senility.


[quote]Trump, for months, has bristled almost daily about the ongoing probes. He has sometimes, without prompting, injected. “I’m not under investigation” into conversations with associates and allies.

Politico: White House aides fret over Trump’s Russia probe obsession


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - all you need to know about Trump you can gather from having a look at the inside of his ridiculous apartment. Only a 12 year old boy dreaming about what it must be like to be rich would come up with something so horrifying.


When I first read Nineteen Eighty-Four I thought the populace’s complete willingness to go along with ever-changing narratives that reversed on a dime seemed a little far-fetched. Now I see there’s a third of the population who is willing to do just that even without a Ministry of Truth constantly disposing of all the old contradictory documentation down the Memory Hole. Hell, Trump doesn’t even delete most of his old Tweets.


I’m thinking in the spirit of Subterranean Homesick Blues. Working on it right now.


Trump of Yore by the folks at QuartzMedia is having fun with 45’s bizarre tweets by comparing new tweets to old tweets.

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As with all Trump statements, the reality doesn’t matter. These days, Trump’s tweets are aimed squarely at his base whose only source of information, according to what I’m reading, is Trump’s own tweets. This is the pocket alt-reality of Trump’s supporters, so whatever he crafts, no matter how divorced from reality, will justify him in their eyes. Now they’re saying, I imagine, “How outrageous! Trump has been set up by the ‘deep state’!”


I guess it doesn’t matter, but nowhere in the Rosenstein memo does it actually recommend firing Comey. That was in the Sessions memo. So he is extra full of shit I guess…


How do you argue with someone who is constantly contradicting himself, and someone who cares nothing for logical consistency? The answer? You can’t. We’ve all dealt with trolls who only care about dispensing dissension and confusion. Trump’s tweets are just that. They’re just chaff.

The question now is when enough of the public will reach the point of dismissing everything that is spewed from the WhiteHouse. Only when the TGOP realize that their tax-cutting agenda is impossible, and any support of Trump could possibly cost them their next election, then he will be out. Unless he (or everyone around him) is indicted first, of course.


Useful attack-ad ammo to use next year against silent and slow-to-act GOP’ers carrying Trump’s water.


That would be a huge undertaking at this point. And subject to more investigation because of the Federal Records Act now that Trump is President. And even worse for Trump, it would damage his ego to delete all his wisdom from the internets (Twitter really is the perfect drug for someone with a delicate ego constantly in need of validation.)


Rumor now is that Rosenstein may be recusing.

Maybe because of that memo writing session? I suppose it could also simply be that he is a witness to other Trump obstruction, maybe even just Trump leaning on him.

Maybe Trump tweeted in response to hearing about that?

I read that recusal usually involves the recusee telling various people about it (so they stop telling them things) before announcing publicly (I suppose in lower profile cases they never do it publically).


I don’t understand why his deleting tweets is such a big deal, in that merely deleting them from Twitter won’t do him a bit of good – everything he tweets is instantly out in the wild, with thousands of copies scattered throughout the internet as his words are saved by others and bounced around social media. While I know that it’s illegal to delete them, I don’t see how it makes any practical difference one way or the other. Am I missing something?



I like Trump’s Razor (courtesy of John Scalzi) - ascertain the stupidest possible scenario that can be reconciled with the available facts and that answer is likely correct.


Dem lawmaker: Trump ‘waiving executive privilege’ by tweeting


Tax cutting is already a dead letter, unless they end up crashing the government on the whole debt ceiling thing.

They will hang on until he is able to stack the judiciary with boneheads, until Inquisitor Pence is seen as a rational, reasonable and welcome relief from the lunacy of 45.

Once Inquisitor Pence becomes the person everyone is wishing and hoping to become president, if only for a semblance of sane rationality, then they will dump 45. Not before, and meanwhile they get to stack the courts for decades to come.

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I sure hope President Trump clears up this little misunderstanding quickly or people might develop the impression that he’s a liar.