Trump's brand sinks with him


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With his Breitbart pal, he’ll probably kick off a media empire, now that he’s identified and consolidated his douchebag demographic.


At a certain age, everything starts to sink.

There’s a little blue pill for that, but Trump seems to be more of a Red Pill kind of guy.


Man, why do fuckwits and arseholes have to ruin everything?

‘Red Pill kind of guy’ should denote someone who sees through the crap, not someone who’s full of it.


I think Trump’s broke. If not broke, at least not doing very well with his real estate & hospitality holdings and current business plan. And at some point he realized where the big money is: politics. So after 30-40 years of building up Trump as a luxury goods & entertainment brand, he’s using this election as the ultimate PR campaign to overhaul his brand. He knows that Trump will now forever signify his particular brand of right-wing loony conspiracy-theory politics, and he’s embracing it. The people he’s out there preaching to now think it’s fantastic that he talked about molesting women: hell, he’s a red-blooded American man, virile and ballsy!


It’s no secret that he’s a yuuuge believer in “no such thing as bad publicity.” Until the last week or so he’s been proven mostly justified in that belief. Maybe the boasting about being a serial sexual assaulter and his general shitshow of a campaign will sink him once and for all (gee, I can’t wait for the next month of no-holds-barred jizz-spewing madness), but I for one am not going to bet so much as a pint of beer on it.


Abandoning his “business” and just handing over his wealth to an investment manager will probably make him more money than ever.  :‍/


Say it ain’t so…


I’d really like to know how they measure this “added value”. Is it those dudes in the mall with the clipboards? “Would you buy this soap for $1? Would you buy this Trump branded soap for $1.43?” Is that what’s going on?


It’s the final nail in the era of ostentatious wealth promoted by shows like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Donald is one of the last big brands left over from the excess of the 80’s, and I for one will be glad to see this buffoon finally sinking with his empire. I expect his television show will be quietly canceled after he loses (and he’ll sue), and soon he’ll find his hotels and golf courses not doing enough business to stay afloat (because the poor right-wing racists he’s curried for support can’t afford his crap). But he will go down lashing out to the last, and while I don’t think he’ll be precisely poor (because they have their hands in too many pies), billionaire Donald will go whimpering into that gentle night like the beta male he always really was.


Trump hasn’t had a TV show since 2015; he was fired from “The Apprentice” after his campaign debut where he called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers.


I think the Democratic election committee hired that cocksucker to ruin the Republican party once and for all. Trump is a whore who will shill anything for a buck. I think every time he says something stupid, another dollar goes into his account somewhere in the Cayman Islands.


His brand is probably gaining some strength among his followers, but the confederate flag/gun-show crowd can’t afford to stay at his hotels. It might be smart for him to open a patriotic themed economy resort in Branson.


Is his hand in that photo actual size?


Well, the Nazis literally went down in flames and yet their brand survives today. I fear that Trump’s brand will endure.


I don’t think it’s conspiracy theory at all. It’s speculation, but pretty reasonable to guess Trump may have entered the race to pump up his brand. Observers have said the same about Ben Carson.


“Separating Conjoined Twins” is a brand?



Yes but, not a brand yet. Just an opportunist wishing he had one…


Well, she’s actual size, but she seems much bigger to me.