Trump brand "loses luster" amid campaign


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Maybe it loses luster broadly speaking, but I can tell you that the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas is fully booked the week that Shot Show, AVN Adult Video Expo, and the Army Navy Show are all in town.

ETA: My point being that Trump’s hotel fills up when it’s guns & porn week in Vegas.


Well, they said you was high-classed
Well, that was just a lie
Yeah they said you was high-classed
Well, that was just a lie

The vultures are coming home to roost


Much as I loathe Trump, that’s something he has done for me. We needed a hotel room in Toronto at the last minute one weekend. Every room <$700 downtown was booked up, but rooms at the Trump were both available and cheap for Toronto.


Luster built on a foundation of sand…


He’ll have to move into fast food, motels and dollar stores.


The bluster killed the luster.


The new Trump Motel 6 in the Camden NJ resort distinct.


What if the Trump Hotel is the new Motel 6? Sixty bucks a night for all this gilded opulence. It’s too late to tear it out now, may as well generate some cashflow. Maybe he can get Tom Bodett to do the commercials?


I’ve never said something like this about a political candidate before, but I hope the campaign he has waged utterly destroys him.


Trump brand Dollarama, where everything has gold paint on it



I’m not really a consumer of hotels, golf courses and the like, but did his brand ever have “luster”? It always struck me as gaudy.


Same, except I also had the same sentiments toward Romney and Bush Jr.


When the only places to stay in town are a Trump Hotel and under a highway overpass, then sure, the choice is obvious.

The underpasses must have been booked solid that week


It would be a great deal. But - they’ll just rebrand it rather than eat that yuge a loss



Yeah, but Vegas is a convention town. You’re always going to have that kind of traffic driving hotel occupancy. What about the hotels in tourism cities, where there’s more of an array of options? That’s where Trump is taking the serious hit.


The yelling hurt his selling.

Oh, and…


More of a pyrite finish than gold cladding. I’ve always considered trump kinda sleezeball even as a kid. Then again I see most of the rich as sleezeball.