Desperate Toronto hotelier pays millions to take Trump name off its business


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How much will it cost to get his name off the country?


It might have been cheaper to just add some additional signage, making it “Trump is an orange asshat with an ego bigger than this Tower.”


Darn, that Trump name meant that it was always the last hotel to fill up and the cheapest “5 star” accommodation in downtown Toronto.


I would want that name off the building too!


By the time this nightmare is over, I hope that his corporate/personal brand name ends up as universally reviled and poisonous as those of Phillip Morris (now Altria) and Blackwater (XE and now Academi – run by his Education Secretary’s brother).

Unfortunately he’s also used his political campaign to create history’s biggest sucker list, and will continue to profit from lower-end Know-Nothing consumers who will forever insist that the name stands for quality. This is why he’s partnered on the low-rent “American Idea” hotel concept.


That’ll be all well and good until President Philbin.


This is the biggest branding nightmare since AYDS weight loss candy.


He has failed sideways his whole life, it would be very satisfying to watch it all burn away.


More than we are going to be able to afford I am afraid.


Well, at this point they could rename it the “roach infested fire trap hotel of Toronto” and it would be an improvement as far as branding goes.


Ah, it will be good to get that bigoted blaggard’s name off of Toronto’s skyline. I’d like to think my own protests in front of the building led in some small way to this.


And thank you for those.


Time for this too-on-the-nose-to-be-real-but-it-is-real picture:


Perhaps off topic but Ford Models agency left Toronto during the Mayor Rob Ford years…

Note* that is not the Trump hotel in Toronot Canada. Looks like maybe new york by the license plates on the cabs


I remember eating AYDS! When I went to summer camp, they actually ran out of food one day, and our camp counselor had a big pack of the stuff. We all ate AYDS that afternoon until a truck full of food for the camp showed up. I remember it being pretty good, like square extra-chocolatey Tootsie Rolls.


This being the real point of his campaign in the first place. Just like the scammers that pretend to be Nigerian, he knows that the people who donate to his campaign at anything below the supervillan level is an extra-special kind of mark who will believe anything.


Yes, my mother had a box in the late 70s. Just looked and tasted like caramels as I recall.

How much Ayds did you eat? Did they surpress your appetite?


So the Trump brand has a value of negative $6 Million.


Every time I eat a big thing of caramels, my appetite magically disappears!