To attract customers, Toronto hotel removes the TRUMP name


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which is why all of his policies support greater imbalances of wealth distribution.

The idle rich don’t make themselves!


He thinks Toronto is an American city?


It seems so and he thinks Obama did something to it.


That wasn’t a tweet from Trump, the twitter id was RealDonaldTrFan.

It was from a fan or a parody account. It’s impossible to tell which.


… said the parody account. :slight_smile:

@RealDonaldTrFan != Real trump twitter account


No. That part is a joke from a parody account.

It can be shocking when noted fictionalists refuse to behave like the journalists you expect.


I totally got taken in by that, too, going so far as to post about it mockingly. Egg on my face. :slight_smile:

Goes to show, though, that the shit he tweets is hard to tell from parody.


After the past year, seeing his name removed from something in such a public manner is a welcome tonic. Now let’s see about removing his name from the White House, starting now.


How’s tRump go’n to blame Obama for this?


Well, no, he himself doesn’t lay bricks or pour concrete, but The Trump Org. has a very large real estate development division that develops and builds buildings.


They should have removed the ‘T’ first.



My morning coffee hadn’t kicked in yet.


I bet they thought about that. There are lots of possibilities to spell amusing things while installing or removing these types of sign. The workers could have a lot of fun unless the bosses spoiled it.


Too bad that they didn’t organize a ceremony for it. Lots of people would have attended.


Well, geographically speaking…


Don’t worry. He’ll find a way.


I have to admit that for a couple seconds I thought it was the real Donald’s twitter. Sad.


If you ask him about this, he will just say it’s really still there.