Embarrassed New Yorkers force Trump Place to change name


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I think embarrassment should be the least of their worries. Residing in a Trump property may actually be dangerous now.


Residing in Trump’s America is going to be dangerous for some us, actually.


This is not a Trump property. It was just renting his name.

Which, come to think of it, is utterly ridiculous.


I sincerely hope that’s not an invitation to the trumptrolls to tell us all about how bad trump has had it, and how poorly Democrats are treating trump supporters. Because those would be lies.


Maybe they could upgrade the name to Nixon Terrace? Manson Manor? NAMBLA Estates? Something less embarrassing, at any rate.


Not even that. The article says they didn’t pay for it. Also, contrary to the BB headline, it doesn’t seem like there was much force involved. The residents asked for the name to change, the building owner said okay.


Nice face-saving statement by Trump Org vice pres. snort


How many people do we need to change Trump’s own name, preferably to Fuckface Von Clownstick?

I don’t see any constitutional rules about this, so no Electoral College needed. I’m guessing a simple majority would be acceptable on this issue?


I think Clown College would not like that.


The Face Fucker’s union aren’t really ones to take things lying down either…


Well played. :clap:


There should be a campaign to have the building remained “Von Clownstick Place.”

“How do i get to Lincoln Center?” "Take Riverside drive, and make a right just before you hit the Von Clownstick. . . "


Come January 20th, I think I know where those letters will be turning up.



It’s how he makes most of his income, at least up until the wholesale privatization of all public resources pushes him back into the Billionaire Boys’ Club.


…aaaaaand start getting used to that kind of bullshit.


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It’s been named that since it was built ~20 years ago and only now are they embarrassed? That’s hard to fathom. Being wealthy New Yorkers themselves they have no excuse at all for thinking that the Trump name ever represented anything classy or desirable.

(It is a really nice location though, despite the elevated highway out front. I used to play in the abandoned railyard that used to be there; glad they left the remains of a few of the rusting old industrial piers.)


I don’t want to sound petty, but can we stop calling it Trump’s America? He got elected president, it doesn’t mean the whole country now belongs to him.