Trump Tower has two "privately owned public spaces" that anyone is entitled to visit

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1 Million a day?

Thanks tRump.


In the future they’ll have mechanical hounds to watch over visitors.

Or, just put kiosks with video screens blaring commercials for Trump Brand merchandise in the parks.


All Parks in the future/now will be tRump branded.


A bunch of dead potted trees rates rather less than ‘yeah, okay.’

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It’s November. They’re not dead they’re dormant. ;p


Do they at least unlock the porn channels?


What does this look like, a charity?


I still cannot believe he’s the president elect.


I’ve seen pictures of prison yards more appealing. That’s not a space that’s comfortable for humans. At least, not this human. It could be a nice refuge, depending on what you’re taking refuge from.

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And that he’s getting away with all this. Refusing to live full-time in the White House? (It’s because he doesn’t understand the workload. At all.) Charging the Secret Service to do their job protecting him? (Kind of like insulting your server before the food comes. Sure, most people will be honorable and do their jobs correctly no matter what. But do you really want to take that chance?) The list goes on and on. At this point, I cannot look at any Trump supporter without a mixture of horror, anger, and contempt. How much do you have to hate the U.S. to be happy this abomination is our official representative to the world?


They’re just pining for the fjords?


Apparently it’s standard for the Secret Service to pay for space used; Snopes says the Clintons declined some of this money that they were entitled to, and many other sources talk about Biden charging for a cottage.


He does, that’s why he’s having Pence make all the decisions.


No, I know (but thanks for making the point, for others who might not), but there’s a big difference between previous administrations and charging $1M/day for a building you shouldn’t even be living in instead of the official residence… you know?


And since Mrs Trump isn’t going to move into the White House, look forward to that every single day for the next four years (plus the associated impact on midtown Manhattan), plus the bills he sends the Secret Service when he makes them fly with his kids on his crappy airplane (they’ll have to buy tickets off him).


I know you’re making a joke, but I’m serious. He really doesn’t. He doesn’t even know what goes into a normal work day for a normal CEO. He has no idea what the President of the U.S. does, or what the political process is, or how to respond to equal world leaders who won’t play ball the way he wants. He doesn’t know what it’s like to HAVE to engage in a phone call or a meeting, not put it off because he doesn’t feel like it at that moment.

I honestly think that if we were able to get him to realize that being President means at some point he will have to go in front of cameras without 2 hours of hair-fussing first, finally exposing his bald head for all to see, that he would find an excuse to get out of the situation immediately.


I’m neither kidding nor arguing with you, he said while running he’ll have others do the work while he Makes America Great.

He is already ignoring convention, he will continue lazing around and playing with his business-toys.


I don’t think he moves in until the inauguration. There’s no specific place that he should be living now.

If he continues using Trump tower past his inauguration, that’s bad, and it’s true that he’s certainly chosen an inconvenient place to stay while awaiting his inauguration (and $1,000,000/day is absurd). But, as he can’t move into the White House yet, we shouldn’t be expecting him to.


I know what you’re saying is true, and ‘funny’ in a groaning sort of way, but what I’m saying is that it’s even worse than you think.

He can’t have the VP do all of the work, for example. There are rules in place. He has no idea how often it has to be HIM on the phone, in the meeting, making the decision and actually signing off on it officially, flying to somewhere in the world while press are on the same plane, talking to world leaders who won’t cower or bootlick in his presence, etc.

He had a moment’s realization, while talking to Obama (you can see it on his face). But since then he’s gone back to thinking that he can just change everything to fit his preferences. He can’t. Some things, yes, but not everything. And he’s not fit to do even that much.