Trump blabbed about response to North Korean missile launch in the Mar A Lago dining room while diners listened in


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You know how every workplace has those weird rules that were obviously codified because of that one person?

Yeah, that’s gonna be 46’s or 47’s job.

Trump 'revealed highly classified information' to Russians during White House visit after firing FBI's Comey


Who maintains clearances for any of these fuck clowns?


The $200,000/year or whatever it costs to be a member of the Mar-a-Lago golf club starts to look like pretty good value. You don’t even need a seat at a table within earshot of President Loudmouth. Just keep your eyes open and when the other diners start sprinting for the exits, that’s your cue to high-tail it to your own gold-plated nuclear bunker before the first strike hits.


i sometimes answer the phone if it rings while i’m taking a crap

depends who’s calling and if it’s national security ‘n’ shit


Edit: Richard also posted about the Nuke Football guy…






I don’t know if this really is a security issue, but it doesn’t seem quite right.


Can this be turned into a class action suit?


Ah yes, or as they call it at my work, the “no sweatpants with writing on the butt” rule.


Absolutely. This is like dealing with a guy pouring boiling hot coffee all over his face.
“Welp, I guess we have to put a disclaimer on our cups now, absolving us of legal issues in case someone doesn’t realize that hot coffee is hot.”

So many things we’re discovering we never needed rules written down for before, because our last 44 presidents weren’t apparently illiterate and kindergarten-level educated.



…But Clinton had a leaky email server!


If they’re on the ball, the FSB will be training a whole load of beautiful young female agents in how to wait tables.

Monday: gun drill, Tuesday: starching table linens, Wednesday: stealing nuclear launch codes.


“Who looks presidential now, eh Hillary? I do, that’s who. Look at me now!”


Kim Jung Un must be laughing. He would have known Shinzo Abe and Trump were meeting that day, and he trolled them with a missile launch.