Trump's travel and security estimated to cost half a billion dollars for 1 term


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Of course the alternate facts version that Trump would push is that he is being a successful president who is already solving problems so he deserves to take those trips and enjoy himself. He probably thinks (or at least will say) that he’s going to cut so many costs that spending a little extra on his weekends will be nothing. Never mind that the “costs” he wants to cut are essential for other people rather than just fun weekend getaways.


The very concept of shame is beyond this man.


Well, all those savings have to be spent on something, and what better than the Drumpfs?


The man needs some time for peace and relaxation so he can finally get started on reading that darned book!


This is a man and family with so much to hide to maintain their business empire, and considering his paranoia and pressure to maintain his sense of self, accompanied by his historic narcissism, rest assured that he will probably never spend much time tainting the White House. He probably sees it as too large a security risk, for his interests.


He’s entitled to a state funeral too.


Doesn’t he know how many 1% tax cuts that is?


Rot doesn’t like Camp David because it’s too “rustic.”

(And I’ve heard it only has a one-hole golf course… which you have to admit is strange. Why bother installing one hole of golf at all?)

Obviously these trips are taxpayer-funded, but does the WH really have a blank check for personal travel? How does that work? Aren’t there purse strings Congress could tighten?


(I don’t know if you could feel it where you are, but I gave you 375 honorary likes for that one.)


I swear to God I feel like I am losing my mind. In the way we all do, an occasional bad friend, a weird coworker, the odd amuse bouche.

But this is next level carp.


I don’t remember the source but I read the other day that the current trajectory has it that by the end of his third month Trump’s travel will have cost tax payers more than what Obama and Biden travel cost taxpayers in all 8 years they were in office.

Don’t forget for every weekend trip to his Florida citadel or for yet another of his 2020 campaign rallies, we are actually footing a big chunk of the bill.


I’m not sure I understand why ANY golf course has more than one hole. You hit the ball into a hole, then you do it again. Why does it need to be a different hole? If you want it to be slightly different each time, just make the whole thing a big circle with one hole in the middle that you come at from different directions. Think of the water savings from growing 1/18th as much grass in ridiculous climates where grass doesn’t really want to grow.


There ought to be an off-road version of golf.
Like, one hole, several miles from the tee. Play it where it lies, navigate your own way to the pin. No landscaping, no greens, nothing like that. Carry your own golf bats, water and emergency gear, no carts, no caddies.


Come on now, he hasn’t possibly had over two thousand rallies since the election just yet, has he?


He swears he’s going to finish reading The Art of the Deal this time for sure. He’s not quite sure what’s in it, but he’s heard good things.


The sooner, the better.


Why does San Francisco - super dense, crazy expensive, highly desirable San Francisco - have… what, five or six golf courses? Imagine all the housing that can fit there, or the kinds of open space that serves more people.


Have you actually played golf, or are you trying to imagine the game from first principles?