White House: Trump's golfing is work, unlike Obama's golfing, which was scandalous


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All presidents are equal, but some are more equal than others. And some are just sick, bad.



A black man golfing is scandalous, because golf clubs are supposed to be for whites only (and no Jews or Japanese allowed unless they own the club and built it for themselves). Trump is white, so his golfing is perfectly acceptable.


The only reason men play golf is to escape from their actual lives for 4-6 hours. Trump obviously needs to do a lot of escaping.

Side note – compare the parenting skills of Trump to Obama. How much time does he actually spend with Barron? Odd how “not changing schools” is more important than living with his father.


I want presidents to take sanity breaks. But do so locally - the flight and move don’t help, only costs. I hate hypocrisy though. Everything Trump accused his competition of doing, Trump did/does worse.


I never did trust that Tiger Woods guy.


Pussy-grabbing is also work, btw. He’s doing it for us, America.


God, @Papasan! I can’t unsee that! Gag!


These fucking people.


It IS different. When Trump golfs, he’s a white person. White people are allowed to golf.


In fairness, however, not being around Donald is probably the best thing for the kid.


I don’t think that’s photoshop


His golf game is just another version of his handshake/dominance mini-game, so golfing with world leaders is perhaps a bit of a concern. But, on thinking about it, he’s going to act like that no matter where he is, so…
Fucked or embarrassed? Both, definitely both.


“the president is “entitled to a bit of privacy””

Unlike the rest of us. Republicans and their “entitlements”.


Guys, sometimes when he’s out golfing, he even makes phone calls. Donald, Donald—slow down, man.


If you look really close you can see the pixels. But I don’t recommend it.


“Golf is a good walk work day spoiled.”
-Mark Twain


Screw this guy and the rubes that put him on the horse that he rode in on. Oh, and also his hypocritical enablers in congress, 45 isn’t doing this alone.


Perhaps the GOP could offset all those proposed cuts to social services with free golf club memberships so those lazy unemployed people can start working to better themselves.