Wowza! Donald Trump beat world champ golfers over the weekend, says the Big Liar himself

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29??? It’s not like the previous numbers were any less of a lie.

6’2 315 here, and I’m skinnier than he is.


In other “I am so smart!” trump news, he’s just declared that there’s a “Roomer”[sic] that desantis is about to pull out of presidential contention, (which really wouldn’t surprise). Could the Wharton graduate blob be any less literate…? Small wonder the ‘deplorables’ feel he’s one of their own.


It’s a club championship shooting from the Senior tees (Which are also usually the closest tee boxes) against people in his flight. This isn’t beating world championship golfers, this is beating a bunch of old fuddy duddies shooting from the short tees. There are thousands of golf clubs with thousands of club championships with 3 or more flights in each one. He won his flight at his club.

It’s absolutely believable that he might be the best golfer for his age group at his club. It’s not exactly a great and well loved or challenging course, and the membership fees are ridiculous. And this tournament is only open to members, no guests.


Given how much he’s been documented cheating at golf? No, no it’s not.


I’m just saying comparing it to Phil Mickelson shooting from the back tees with ridiculous pro level pin placement is not the same as a club championship shooting from the red tees at kind pin placements.

He’s not even the best golfer when he’s playing alone.

Also, from the article:

But then he said, ‘You see those two guys? They cheat. See me? I cheat. And I expect you to cheat because we’re going to beat those two guys today.’… So, yes, it’s true, he’s going to cheat you. But I think Donald, in his heart of hearts, believes that you’re gonna cheat him, too. So if it’s the same, if everybody’s cheating, he doesn’t see it as really cheating.”

If there’s anything that perfectly sums up the twice-impeached twice lost the popular vote, 91-count indictment Mr. Trump, it’s this.


Oh, he absolutely cheats. I’m just saying that winning a club championship isn’t the same as beating Phil Mickelson. You can make your golf score almost whatever you want based on where you tee off and how the course is set up.

The course Phil Mickelson plays is almost 2000 yards longer than the course Donald Trump plays.

Almost 30% longer and harder. Add into that pin placements being aggressively punishing for pros and super kind for club championships. Shit, my Dad shot a course record at a club championship and won it, not for a major club but for a well designed popular course. It meant nothing. A pro on that course could destroy everyone.

Put him in an open with stewards shooting from the black tees and he wouldn’t even hit 67 on the front nine.

EDIT to ADD: In short, golf’s a bullshit game played by the most corrupt people on earth and is built to make it look better than they are.


I’d like to think that the $144* million dollars we taxpayers spent on TFG’s travel expenses flying him and the Secret Service on Air Force One to golf courses all over the place wasn’t a total waste, and all that practice actually made him a better golfer.

Nahh, screw that. I’d like the IRS to fine his ass for the entire bill.

* Updated to $144,000,000 per the link in the comment from @Faffenreffer below.


Also my Dad just pointed out that senior club championships often involve invoking handicap at 80%. So , if Dona’d’s handicap is 10 (as many rumored), he gets to subtract 10 strokes from what he actually shot. The game is full of this bullshit.


The news is that he didn’t lie about his age.


He’s still #2 in the Dictator’s World Championship!


We haven’t met so I wager that’s not the only difference between you and Trump.
Trump’s body composition is 50% lard, 50% bullshit, and 50% hot air.
“100% you say? That’s for bigly losers!”


Well, he’s had a lot of practice. Considering how much we all paid for this victory, I think he owes us a round of drinks.

@jaded missed your comment, have a coke!



Funny thing is that if he wasn’t such a consummate liar and well-documented cheater I would have no problem believing he was an excellent golfer just based on how much time he spends doing it. He certainly spent a lot more of his Presidency taking golf trips than he spent doing Presidential stuff.


I saw a photo of the scores of the other players and 1) it was in alphabetical order, except at the top left it had “Trump, President”. He had to be first on the list. 2) From what I saw, he didn’t just win by a few strokes, which would be half-way believable, but by 10 or so strokes (of course I didn’t save it, now I can’t find it.)

Dude has secret service dropping balls through their pants legs, or he just writes down what ever he wants. LOL.

ETA - Found it. I don’t under stand what the red numbers are, though.


Not just, but the whole book they excerpted is great: Commander in Cheat by Rick Reilly | Hachette Book Group


The Lyingest Lying Liar of Liarsville lies about his lies.


The accounts that I have read are that he actually IS a pretty good golfer. Just exactly how good is impossible to say, because he cheats so much.


Then he’s not a pretty good golfer. He’s a cheat.