Scottish government agencies move to block expansion of Trump's unprofitable golf courses

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I wonder if Trump has tried to hire bums to defecate on the doorsteps of people whose property he wants?


Wouldn’t put it past him.


I’ll call BS on that. I’m pretty sure that lots of people have told him that over the years, but he’s never listened.


Why not He’s the bum who has shit on all of America


That wouldn’t go down so well in Scotland.

He is literally saying those people who have said that are categorically “nobody”. They don’t exist, therefore their ego damaging words did not happen. Narcissists are remarkably literal, you just have to emPHAsize difFERren sylLAbles.


He is absolutely amoral and once his infantile mind decides he wants something he will stand on the bodies of any decent man, woman or child to get his ego stroked. He is subhuman and needs to be studied as the mutant that he is so we can protect humanity from any of such entities like him that mutate in to positions of power. He represents as great a threat as any disease process, climate change or other natural disaster I can think of… Cage him and study him as the cancer that he is.


Sure, it was a big scandal when he ended up paying half of what he promised and then paid out through his personal charity. You probably don’t remember because it was a big scandal 10 minutes ago and everybody has forgotten about it because all the stuff that’s happened since.


He thrives on chaos and havoc using these as tools to distract people from his intended goal. With the opportunities ripe for war with any number of nations I believe he would be perfectly content to set disaster in motion in order to achieve his ego appeasing needs. Being a hollow shell of neediness he will continue his soulless rampage until he is stopped in some manner. I wish you the best of luck against this plague Scotland…


What a huge misstep- the Russian oligarchs don’t buy property at inflated prices in Scotland.

Jesus dude - know your customer base.


It does seem to be a go-to tactic for New York property speculators. In his mental map, Scotland is probably some hick town out past Long Island. He’ll never understand how his attitude really pisses off Scots.


I don’t think Trump loses money on these golf courses. Probably some shell company and some sad-sack investors do, but I bet he makes money hand over fist.

  1. He doesn’t invest his own money in these things.
  2. He probably licenses his name to them and has a separate company that operates all the club house and any other revenue-generating part of the operation, all without taking any sort of ownership in the place. Possibly excepting some token ownership, like owning a broom closet somewhere that allows him to exert influence over the place.

Trump’s business approach is to leverage his brand in order to extract all the value from a place without risking his own money. Other investors are always left holding the bag.


See also “Trump casinos”.



I’m always surprised this doesn’t get more mention but there’s a great doc on his Scottish exploits and how he plays media against people:


Worse - he has lawyers.


I think the golf courses are the exception. He tends to physically own the properties and a big part of the Trump business is golf course management. They’re contracted to operate a city own golf course in the Bronx as an example. And supposedly the golf courses were the one functional part of the business during his string of bankruptcies.

And licensed Trump properties in places where Trump is as heavily despised as Scotland, tend to remove Trumps stamp from everything they can to slow down the collapsing profits.

Another exception he initially owned the casinos in AC. Which is why they contributed so heavily to his collapse in the 00’s. They basically transitioned to something like licensed properties when his mismanagement saw them effectively taken away from him. Controlled by holding companies and stock holders. Eventually being sold off without his involvement and the new owners licensing the name.

These are Trumps old business model. Where in he uses public funds and tax incentives for redevelopment of a municipality to build golf courses and luxury housing instead of the job generating business and affordable housing those funds and incentives were intended for. Use aggressive lawyerin and pliable political cronies to ram through regulatory obstacles.

Kind of the big psuedo secret about Trump. He’s not really a property developer anymore. He doesn’t build skyscrapers, or hotels anymore. The Trump company is a golf course business with a side line in licensing its name to other developments. And occasionally a hotel management firm. Nearly everything they do outside of the golf courses and their associated condos and McMansions is contract work or licensing.

I can’t imagine Golf as the lynch pin of your wealth is a great place to be right now. Given the way the sport is less popular than ever and Golf course housing developments are starting to collapse nationwide.


Cue the Nelson Muntz laugh.


“Scottish government agencies move to block expansion of Trump’s unprofitable golf courses. Sad.”



Which of these golf courses has the worst weather?

That’s the one that Trump should be exiled to as part of a plea deal.

He stays i the assistant groundskeeper’s cottage.