To see what Trump will do to America, look to his disastrous walled Scottish golf course


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I think Mr. Trump is believing Mr. Farage when he talks about how much influence he has in the UK. I also think he’s going to be very, very disappointed.

My guard is down today, and so I also think it would not be bad for the human race if the two of them both went down over the Atlantic in Trump Force One and were never found again.


But then that leaves Pence in charge and he would be far worse than Trump.



Nigel Farage. New Inquisitor of Scottish Affairs.


I’m so glad I have the Drumpfinator installed… heh…“Drumpf Force One” …


He will be the best for golf. :poop:


I hear he was the best golfer in all of Scotland while growing up in NY.


This week’s badge:

“Clay-brained guts, a knotty-pated fool.”


I doubt it. Pence is a more predictable politician. He will set things back a decade or two, but he won’t start WW III or a global depression.


Not just the UK, but specifically Scotland, where he’s* completely and totally despised and has zero influence.

*Farage or Trump, take your pick.

The whole tweet is even better, it’s practically mediaeval in its insults:

“So, Twitter, we’re all agreed? Trump’s a clay-brained guts, knotty-pated fool, whoreson obscene greasy tallow-catch, right?”


I’m almost sure whoreson hasn’t been heard since Shakespeare. Who can even pronounce it confidently?


I can certainly pronounce it confidently. Whether I’m pronouncing it correctly is another matter.


I would not willingly draw the gaze of the Eye of Sauron his way, but one of these is the brother of a guy I work with. He gets the dust from the Great Dirt Wall to keep out the Dirty Picts ™ whenever the wind blows. He knows who he is. He knows he rocks. That is all.


I failed to recognize that it was, in fact, a direct Shakespeare quote. (My Scottish friends have a colorful swearing vocabulary, so I assumed it was just part of the rich and often arcane Scottish tradition of swearing.)
My dictionary confirms it’s pronounced just like you’d think it would be, the same as the constituent parts “whore” + “son.”

I’m just so tickled by “obscene greasy tallow-catch,” myself. If we’re going to dip into more Shakespeare, I also quite like “lackbrain,” “stuffed cloakbag of guts,” “Triton of the minnows,” “bolting hutch of beastliness,” “mad-headed ape,” “heedless jolt-head,” “whoreson beetle-headed, flap-ear’d knave” and “King of codpieces.”


Rhymes with Mr. Welles’ first.


Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, described him as a “clay-brained guts, a knotty-pated fool.”

Yeah, if there’s one constituency that really likes its tough talk mincing, pretentious and Shakespearean, it’s Scotland. I’m sure this will be the tweet that finally pulls the Tories ahead of hemmorhoids in the polls.




Both are probably great at making things worse for everyone and enriching themselves meagerly.


Each day I wake believing That I cannot find him any more disgusting than the day before. Each night I realize I have been proven wrong. I can’t engage in clever names that belittle him…no words in no language have ever reached deep enough to describe the depths he dwells in. I wonder if he holds any other human either dead or alive as a hero. Pol Pot and Idi Amin were more blood thirsty as are some other soulless beings yet in terms of utter disregard for human beings I believe trump will do anything he thinks he can get away with. Now that he is only weeks away from being in charge of the greatest military force on earth there may well be more chapters of his depravity to come. I can only hope he feasts of the fools that elevated him to power and I wish them moments of clarity before their demise.